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Good Sports: Ellen Page promotes Canadian health and fitness thanks to indoor roller skating movie role?

Young green celebrity actress teen and ‘tween fave Ellen Page has accomplished quite a bit already during her stint in Hollywood and on feature films. At the ripe old age of 23, she has already garnered an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. However, for many of her fans in her native Canada, celebrity actress Page’s role in Whip It has spurred a renewed popularity in the sport of roller derby for health and fitness.

Celebrity Scandal: Keith Olbermann no longer suspended without pay from MSNBC for being a Democrat

When news hit the wires about celebrity anchor Olbermann’s suspension last week, many experts and critics quickly decried the actions of MSNBC, and some went so far as to wonder whether or not the action was politically motivated.

Celebrity anchor Olbermann had been quiet about the entire incident since Friday, but Sunday afternoon he broke his Twitter silence with these words: “Greetings From Exile! A quick, overwhelmed, stunned THANK YOU for support that feels like a global hug.”

Celebrity Couples: Justin Bieber dating Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez?

With all of the rumors swirling around the reason for celebrity actress and singer-songwriter Demi Lovato entering rehab, there are apparently just as many rumors regarding who she may or may not be dating.

The publication Life & Style had indicated that celebrity actress, singer, and Disney Princess Demi Lovato had recently hooked up with celebrity teen scene heart-throb singing sensation Justin Bieber “in secret.”