Celebrity Tattoos: Tattoo quotes on Eva Longoria hot or not in Hollywood?

Celebrity Tattoos!

Eva Longoria regrets getting wedding date commemorative tattoo —

[Dec. 27]

Love Tatts are tattoos that include the name or pics of a lover, and they have been all the rage in Hollywood since Generation Y stars hit 18 and were legally old enough to sign permission slips on dotted lines at tattoo parlors nationwide and get themselves inked.

Photos of beautiful girls in tattoo magazines have helped make the art of tattoo more popular among young starlets and other star celebs who are influenced by trendy pop culture. The eternal art search for new ideas in body modification and body piercings was never fully embraced by Hollywood stars, as the artists instead seemed to prefer the more decorative and colorful tattoo ink.

Celebrity Tattoos really got popular thanks to Angelina Jolie. Back in the early 1990s, movie star Angelina Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton. To proclaim her love, she got a very prominent love tatt on her upper arm. The celebrity couple got married in May of 2000 and divorced in May of 2003, leaving Jolie stuck with the garish celebrity tattoo literally and figuratively speaking.

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria apparently did not take the hint when pop culture icon and trend setting celebrity Angelina Jolie had the tattoo covered up with an oriental dragon, then removed and replaced with one that shows the geography latitude and longitude coordinates of the birth places of each one of her six celebrity children.

When she married Tony Parker, the basketball player, back in July of 2007, she had the roman numerals of their wedding date tattooed on her wrist. Tony Parker, being the giant dumb a$$ that he is, tattooed her name on his wrist — and even went so far as to tattoo her initials (allegedly) on his private parts. The couple filed for divorce when the lovely actress, a women’s rights, health, and latino culture activist found out that her celebrity athlete was a cheating husband of the mega-jackass order. She found thousands of racy text messages between he and one of his team mate’s wives — a woman named Erin Barry. The sexts between the San Antonio Spurs player and the basketball wife upset Longoria so much she filed for divorce — without waiting for more proof that her “initials” had been seen by anyone else at all.

What will she do to cover the love tatt? We suggest she follow-up with a second celebrity tattoo on her OTHER wrist to commemorate the final date of her celebrity divorce.

Other star celebs that have gotten famous love tatts include celebrity supermodel Heidi Klum, vegetarian celebrity Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera, and green celebrity Angelina Jolie.

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