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Entertainment News: Susan Sarandon snubbed by GLEE?

Entertainment News!

Hollywood Celebrity Gossip sources say Susan Sarandon snubbed by GLEE —

[Jan. 29]

Actress Susan Sarandon has not done a musical number in years but at one time she was a big singing star on screen. Susan Sarandon, the now ex-wife of younger Actor Tim Robbins and active green celebrity, got her career start in Hollywood playing alongside veteran actor Tim Curry in the cult classic movie ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

Now that GLEE has devoted an episode to doing the music from the film, Susan Sarandon is admitting she was a little shocked — and quite rightly hurt — that she was completely overlooked when it came to filiming the remake for the television series.

I guess Susan Sarandon won’t be doing the TIme Warp again.


Couples Retreat: Where new celebrity couples go for Valentine’s Day

Famous Duos who are new celebrity couples or genuinely in love and have been married or together dating for a long time all seem to prefer the short-term get away vacation to escape the Hollywood social scene on their couples retreat. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, takes all her plethora of hot male celebrity lovers to Mexico for an “Escape from Los Angeles” vacation. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used the Golden Globe awards as an escape to Beverly Hills to a post resort to play for the evening minus the Hollywood dynamic duo’s famous Brangelina brood celebrity kids. Keep reading…

Celebrity Fitness: Put down the Six Pack to get Ryan Reynolds abs!

Celebrity Fitness!

Put down the Six-Pack to get Ryan Reynolds abs!

[Jan. 29]

None of the male star celebs in Hollywood are quite as hot as green celebrity actor Ryan Reynolds. Voted People Magazine’s hottest man of the year back in 2010 — then finding himself suddenly thrust back into the singles scene after only two short years of marriage to actress Scarlett Johansson (who Reynolds filed for divorce from Christmas week 2010) — he’s had a lot on his plate. But to get that fabulous celebrity physique that includes stellar pecs and washboard abs, he definitely can’t have much on that plate, as the fitness icon knows how to keep his diet healthy!

Men’s Health magazine reported Ryan Reynolds celebrity fitness tips he used to get his body fat down to an ultra low 3% while filming Blade: Trinity with now incarcerated actor Wesley Snipes. [Snipes went to jail recently to serve a three year term for income tax evasion.]

The website shared the following celebrity health and fitness suggestions to help men cut carbs (found in starchy foods like potatoes and yeast – based beverages like beer) while building lean muscle mass…