DWTS 2011: Hines and Kym make finals, plan half time show for freestyle dance?



DWTS 2011!

Hines and Kym going to the finals to dance freestyle half time show?

[May 17]

It is OFFICIAL. Hines Ward and Kym Johnson are going to the finals to compete in the freestyle round. The celebrity couple was NOT voted off. After a double perfect score on Monday May 16th (following Kym Johnson’s neck injury on Friday the 13th), the Dancing With The Stars audience was really wowed. Will Hines Ward be able to beat Chelsea Kane to win the Mirror Ball Trophy? The NFL player certainly hopes so. The only real obstacle to him defeating her at this stage of the game is that the audience demographic voting for her is much younger and more apt to use their cel phones to vote. However, because he is a NFL football player and her fans are likely to be up past their bedtime to watch the show, coming into the finals round the voting could help sway the judges either way to vote.

During the elimination round at semi finals, show host Tom Bergeron asked Hines Ward and Kym Johnson to share secrets about what they would dance to in their freestyle if they were kept on to dance in the finals by the American votes. Hines Ward revealed that after all the football games he had played over the years, he had never actually seen the halftime shows. To that end, the green celebrity who has come so far off the football field on the dance floor says he wants to BE the show.

Tom Bergeron laughed and said he never really thought about the fact that the players at football games miss all those live perfromance half time shows and gave a hearty chuckle and wished Hines and Kym well.

The celebrity couple Hines and Kym were the first ones told they were safe. The dance pair received two perfect scores for the Argentine Tango and the salsa perfromed last night’s week nine perfromance, but lost the instant dance round.