Pet friendly celebrity Jennifer Aniston lost dog best friend to old age?



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Jennifer Aniston loses best friend dog Norman to old age?

[May 29]

Actress Jennifer Aniston has lost her best friend, Norman, to old age. Who was he? A Welsh corgi-terrier mix that had lived in the lap of luxury with the former Friends television series star since he was just a young pup. Norman, as a small dog, lived a long life. He died at age 15 a few weeks ago Aniston’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE. The cause of death was not released other than to say he was, “an old dog and it was just his time.” Over the years, Jennifer Aniston had brought her dog Norman everywhere with her, and described her well-mannered but sometimes spoiled canine pal as a quiet canine who enjoyed resting at her feet. The news Jennifer Aniston’s dog died was so big, even CNN covered the entertainment news bit. Why? Because when Jennifer Aniston starred in the movie Marley And Me with co-star Owen Wilson, she struck a chord with so many dog lovers hearts that she will forever be remembered as a pet friendly celeb.

CNN shared more about her painful loss of a pet, writing:

“He’s my baby boy,” she told PEOPLE in February. “Norman goes with me on location — I’ve got to take Norman.”

The actress, who just purchased a $4.95 million apartment in New York, bought the home under the name Norman’s Nest Trust.

Earlier this year, the pooch tagged along with Aniston when she was a guest on TV’s “Chelsea Lately.”

Host Chelsea Handler and the crowd went wild for the pup, whom Aniston affectionately called “Norm” and “Normy,” and watched as the actress tried to get him to sit, but to no avail.

“He’s 15 years old, he doesn’t care anymore,” Aniston said.

Back when he was a young pup, Norman got into his share of trouble. He reportedly disappeared for two days in 1998 and eventually turned up at an animal shelter.

But most likely the event left him unfazed: “Even back [as a puppy] he was as cool as a cucumber,” Aniston told PEOPLE in 2008. “He’s just a person in a dog suit.”

According to entertainment journals and pet friendly gossip sites world-wide, Norman is survived by Jennifer Aniston’s other dog, a white German shepherd female guard dog named Dolly.