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RIP Amy Winehouse: What really killed the 27-year-old singer?

Celebrity Death issues related to drugs and alcohol are always hard to write about. Comparing Amy Winehouse to singer Janis Joplin is an easy call, as the women both knew how to belt out a tune and never turned down a “Last Call”. She has also been likened to other dead male celebs like Jim Morrison from The Doors as well as guitar legends Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

But sources have not yet confirmed whether overdose was involved. So what really killed Amy Winehouse? While medical reports are not yet in (with the body only recently discovered) and toxicology labs will undoubtedly turn up a host of legal drugs and illegal elements, fans say her lifestyle did her in.

“British police say singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London on Saturday, July 23, 2011…” shares the Washington Post. But what killed her? Keep reading…

Bieber Fever: Rihanna crush on Justin Bieber causes trouble with Selena?

Rihanna is one of the cougar star celebs who apparently has a crush on teen celebrity Justin Bieber. Tricking the press with a phony photo of the two kissing, she one-upped celeb singer Katy Perry. Perry recently posed for a photo with a giant picture of the Biebs to show her affection for the young star. While her pose was more innocent in motive, Rihanna made her cougar crush evident by planting a big fat sexy kiss right on the lips of a life-size and realistic looking cardboard cut-out of the green celebrity.

Based on the Rolling Stone Magazine cover, the free-standing cardboard poster of Justin Bieber was the only part of him getting action from the fashion diva. So far, that is… as Biebs open flirtation back via Twitter with the pop music singer has already caused quite a stir with the young man’s fan base. Why? Because he is supposed to be in a serious and committed relationship with Disney Princess Selena Gomez!

So what did Justin Bieber tweet to friend Rihanna? Keep reading…

Prince Harry turned off by wild Chelsy Davy, turned on by conservative?

If you ever wondered the benefits of dating a charming Prince, being a model seeking free publicity might nail you the jackpot if you can woo a royal — if only for a week or long weekend. We can certainly say links to the youngest prince of England have helped to propel at least one model’s career.

Back in June of 2011, Prince Harry issued the equivalent of a formal press report to confirm claims he is 100% single as the most eligible bachelor in the world. At that time, Styleite reported, “A few days ago he told newspapers that he’s 100 percent single and absolutely not dating anyone, including Duchess Catherine’s little sister Pippa Middleton. Well, it turns out that’s not exactly true — according to people who say they’re in the know, he’s dating a young lingerie and swimwear model named Florence Brudenell-Bruce.”

So what is the big deal about fickle Prince Harry — at his age — hoping to frolic with a cacophony of lovely young girls? Keep reading…