Jamie Lee Curtis to guest star on NCIS with Mark Harmon

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a green celebrity and she just landed a two show special appearance gig on the hit television show NCIS. The daughter of recently deceased silver screen legend Tony Curtis will appear with Hollywood pal Mark Harmon, a man once voted Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE magazine.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the celebrity gossip source that has confirmed the television news report, “It’s a Freaky Friday reunion for NCIS star Mark Harmon and Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis has been booked for two episodes of TV’s top-rated drama that will air in November.”

Jamie Lee CurtisThe website reveals Curtis will play, “a strong-willed career woman and single mom Charlotte Ryan, from the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Defense, who will spar with Gibbs and the team.”

Besides spending her life helping charity causes like the Red Cross and helping children afflicted with A.I.D.S., Curtis has been a role model for women for years.

Her short and sassy hairstyle represented far more than her desire to be different in the Hollywood social scene. Her look helped define a new level of confidence for ladies who were looking for a “wash and wear” look; her celebrity hairstyle bucked the Bouffant and defied the long flowing locks that previously defined what feminine should look like both on television, in movies, and for everyday girls not part of the Hollywood scene.

Her look defined sexy chic when Farrah Fawcett hair was not practical for everybody. And when she stripped down to her underpants and bra to reveal what a real woman looks like back in 2002 on the cover of More magazine (after 10 years of real living) she shocked everybody. Why? Because she showed her curves and age with true grace and demonstrated real beauty — without airbrushed help.

As the daughter of famous celebrity parents Tony Curtis and Janet Lee, Jamie Lee Curtis was blessed with good looks and a keen wit. Because she is a Baby Boomer, she was also one of the leading women in Hollywood from her generation to play smart women as well as quirky characters atypical for a woman of her great beauty.

Whether co-starring with celebrity senior Mark Harmon now on television, in old movies like A Fish Called Wanda with actor Kevin Kline, in True Lies with (sadly) disgraced green celebrity actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, or in funny movies like Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd viewers are sure to enjoy any character she plays (from serious to adventurous to hilarious).

Jamie Lee Curtis is best friends with Dancing With The Stars winner Jennifer Grey — who recently tweeted her approval of a Dirty Dancing remake directed by Kenny Ortega (of High School Musical fame).

Both girls are celebrity friends in part due to their similar political beliefs — that doing the right things as mothers, women, and humanitarians can make a positive difference not only in the lives of our children but in community outreach situations.

Knowing both are still active star celebs in Hollywood is good news for everybody, especially those lucky enough to work with either of them.