Why was Hugh Hefner ranting on Twitter about Lindsay Lohan pics?

Famous philanthropist Hugh Hefner went online and started ranting on Twitter about the new nude photos of Lindsay Lohan being published in his Playboy Magazine. LiLo is featured on the cover of his 2011 Holiday edition. What did the famous bachelor have to say about her photo shoot? The metaphoric equivalent of, “Santa needs to bring young boys a copy of Playboy magazine and some tissue.” Ew…

Lindsay Lohan Playboy ModelDisney Princess Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of the limelight the past ten years for a mix of good performance and off camera antics that would have sunk better careers. Now, the former teen scene celebrity has taken it all off and posed for Playboy magazine. She is the 2011 Holiday cover girl, perched nude straddling a bunny ear chair backwards so all people in the store glancing at it can see is a lot of skinny leg and cleavage. But that’s not the biggest part of the story. Someone from an ISP in Russia leaked the photos of LiLo from her modeling session online and everyone is googling to see what is so racy about the pictorial spread featuring Lindsay.

Despite fans who have seen the pictures and say that people are making much ado about nothing, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, a sharp old bird who loves the Internet and using Twitter, is happy to keep promoting the online gossip frenzy. The famous philanthropist and pet-friendly celebrity Hef took to his “verified” celebrity Twitter page to share the following tweets about the leaked photos of Lindsay Lohan and her pictorial spread in his magazine. He writes:

The Lindsay Lohan pictorial has been leaked on the Internet & is causing a sensation.

The Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy is going to be a true Collector’s Edition.

Because of the interest & the Internet leak, we’re releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early.

Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the Internet yesterday. Her issue goes on sale late next week. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Due to high demand, the Playboy issue with Lindsay Lohan’s pictorial is now available on iPlayboy

The actual Lindsey Lohan issue will be available on newsstands at the end of next week. Hot. Hot. Hot.n

The Lindsey Lohan issue will make the perfect Christmas issue for men in your life–father, son, husband, boyfriend, whoever.

So, there you have it, folks… that perfect Christmas gift to by the man or boy in your life who has everything. Naked pics of former teen Princess turned wild teen hook-up queen turned faithful lesbian turned house arrest queen says Hugh Hefner. He’s like the Santa Claus dropping off a jar of organic hand lotion and some kleenex into every young man’s Christmas stocking.

[Yes, we know… EW.]

The photos are supposed to make LiLo look like Marilyn Monroe (that other famous starlet who had serious emotional problems then died early).

While Lindsay Lohan is self-destructive, she is not hanging around the same high-caliber social circles Marilyn Monroe was (like President Kennedy and his famous brothers). As such, she will most likely not meet her fate with such a suspicious ending).

At least we hope.


Because behind the celebrity scandals persona hides a talented young lady who we hope to see wise up and the conditions of her life improve. Right now, she might be a train wreck… but just think of all she could accomplish if she turned her superhero bad girl powers away from a life of crime to doing good.

The press she would get for charitable work would undoubtedly earn her far more accolades and movie role offers than modeling for gentlemen’s magazines in the buff ever will do.