Jennifer Aniston MIA at Golden Globe Awards but Brangelina on Red Carpet

Actress Jennifer Aniston was one of the most prominent famous faces that did not attend the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Held January 15th in Beverly Hills, California the even is one of the biggest celebrity bashed of the year. Why didn’t Aniston and her new man Justin Theroux go? Maybe because her ex Brad Pitt was there to celebrate his nomination as Best Actor for his work in Moneyball and he had gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie (one of our favorite humanitarians) in tow.

Brangelina at the Golden Globe Awards 2012The rumor mills are reporting that Justin Theroux dumped Jennifer Aniston — but the celebrity couple allegedly got back together after only a few days apart. The word from celebrity gossip sources is that he got his nose out of joint after she threw a temper tantrum over the Christmas holidays because he did not buy her an engagement ring. Stories about the big fight and break up has been denied by her reps. Now, the celeb couple failed to make even a token appearance at the Golden Globe Awards 2012 or one of the famously wild after parties. What gives?

Was Aniston just trying to avoid seeing Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie again on the red carpet at yet another high-profile event like he Golden Globes or are she and Theroux really on the outs as tabloid rumor mongers suspect?

Gather Celebs reports:

Gossip Cop was the website that went after In Touch Weekly magazine for their claim that Justin Theroux had packed his bags and boogied out of Jennifer Aniston’s NYC apartment after she allegedly threw a huge hissy fit when he failed to give her an engagement ring.

The website known for trying to bust bad dish says her reps totally denied both the fight and the split and cited the couple skiing together over the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day weekend proved the two hadn’t split.

But, before you get that warm and fuzzy feeling about the celebrity couple, remember this: most big name star celebs attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards whether or not they were in a film that was nominated.

According to the website, “The couple most obviously there this year was none other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Both looked gorgeous and weary simultaneously — just the way a high-profile celebrity couple with six young children and a hellish work schedule should look at a night-time event.” Yep… we agree. Been there, done that.

But the big question of the night was why actress Jennifer Aniston and her lovey-dovey sidekick beau Justin Theroux were no where in sight for the big Hollywood date night.

Were they fighting? Or were they avoiding showing up and being critiqued for their red carpet appearance on Brad Pitt’s big Moneyball night? After all, his film was nominated and he went up against actor Goerge Clooney. Losing the award for best actor, he kept his game face on while listening to Clooney’s acceptance speech but actually looked more proud to be there with Angie than he ever did with Aniston. Could the very real fact Brangelina is still together and happy make Aniston uncomfortable — even if she is with Theroux now and happy?

Since Moneyball launched the same time Brad Pitt made negative comments about his past relationship with Jennifer Aniston, the romance rumors that the two are secret lovers longing to get back together but being kept apart by a brutal and bitter Angie have hushed a bit. The star celebs (who still are rumored to share a few big business interests) have not been all warm and fuzzy acting towards one another since Pitt basically pinged Aniston for being shallow and boring.

While Angelina Jolie leads the lifestyle of someone rich and famous, she uses her star power wisely as a humanitarian. She even battles weight issues because she under eats when traveling on United Nations missions to third world countries, catching flack for looking too skinny.

While Theroux is rumored to be jealous of Aniston’s relationship with Pitt, his nemesis really could seem to care less about Jen. Granted, Jennifer Aniston has tried to step up to the plate when is comes to being a green celeb. She promoted Smart Water, a nutrition product, but forgot that all the plastic water bottles make a mess of land fills when not recycled properly. She also has given her celebrity endorsement to several children’s charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has visited an orphanage in Mexico near the private beach and luxury resort where she vacations regularly. But when all the cards are face up after someone calls her on her celebrity cause advocacy, Aniston can’t hold a candle to Jolie. While she might be pretty on the outside, her heart is just not as worldly or giving.

To that end, maybe Justin Theroux — who left his long time live in girlfriend to move in with Jennifer Aniston after the two began cheating — is gun-shy about proposing to Jennifer Aniston. Maybe after spending time with her 24/7 for what feels like ages now (but really has only been about a year) he’s realizing that the girl next door is not only not over her ex but is not 100% when it comes to being a good lady. Maybe he sees she really is a little selfish and vain — and that she’s more like her celebrity friend Chelsea Handler when the press is not looking. Maybe he’s watched a few of her movies now where she’s had to play a maternal figure and realized she does not have a natural mommy bone in her.

But these statements are all conjecture that stem from reading countless media news reports about the actress mixed with star celeb gossip reports that include video taped interview bits. If you read comments about Jennifer Aniston at the bottom of entertainment news articles, it is clear that she has millions of fans who are far more loyal to defending her reputation as the perfect girl than Angelina Jolie has defending her global good deeds and celebrity mom virtuosity.

When it comes time to work the press, Jennifer Aniston strives to be charming, slightly flirtatious, and to have her name painted in a positive light with the press. Her PR reps routinely deny stories that later are proven true (like the fact she’s dating Justin Theroux and that the two are living together), but none of her fans have said one word about her press camp being dishonest routinely making her look poor.

So, since Jennifer Aniston won’t come clean with the press about why she does or does not do anything in her personal life, it is unlikely we’ll ever know the real story behind why she refused to attend the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. But one thing is for certain… we’re awfully glad that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did go.

Both of them looked gorgeous.