Baby Blue Ivy Carter youngest recording star to top music charts?

Baby Blue Ivy Carter was world-famous before she was even born but no one in Hollywood predicted she would become the youngest recording star to top music charts. When her famous rapper father Jay Z and pop music singer celebrity mom Beyonce Knowles first revealed her baby bump during the middle of a live music performance that was being broadcast on TV, everyone knew the celebrity couple had big plans for their baby. While rumors swirled that Oprah Winfrey is the godmother (which her BFF Gayle King denies flatly) controversy spun out of control regarding the hospital where she was born was mis-managed by staff and security, little Blue Ivy was busy becoming a celebrity baby.

Celebrity Parents Beyonce Knowles and Jay ZBeyonce Knowles and Jay Z just had a baby girl and named her Blue Ivy Carter. She is now the youngest recording star to top music charts says News One for Black America [an online magazine]. Born to famous parents amidst a flurry of controversy ranging from whether or not her mother really gave birth to her (or was faking her pregnancy in a grand conspiracy theory) to if the star celebs posse created such a ruckus at the hospital where she was born that their security team actually prevented other parents from seeing their newborn babies in a timely manner at the hospital nursery, she needed a press agent for herself before her mom even finished birthing her safely.

Nowadays the Hollywood rumors are being dispelled that the celebrity couple paid millions of dollars to rent an entire floor of the hospital so Beyonce Knowles could give birth to her child in the most lavish of 5 star hospital room amenities (which the hospital flat denies) to Gayle King coming on television to say Oprah Winfrey (her best friend) is not the godmother of little Blue Ivy.

While those rumors seem to be false, what is true is Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest recording star to have her voice on a chart topping song release. News One for Black America revealed the secret of her success writing:

“Blue Ivy just happens to be the envy of all newborns. Despite the reported decadence with regards to clothing and infant gear, Blue Ivy became the youngest person ever credited with gracing a Billboard chart. Jay-Z’s newly-recorded studio cut “Glory,” which has been officially billed as “featuring B.I.C.,” an abbreviation of “Blue Ivy Carter,” began on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 74 with 1.7-million audience impressions on 54 radio stations, according to Nielsen BDS.”

It was her first cries captured on tape and infused into the track of Glory that has made the rap song so memorable.

Baby Blue Ivy’s parents Beyonce Knowles are respected charitable celebs. While most people know their names because of their pop music and rap music infused hits, few who are not regular listeners of their type of music know they are known for using their star power wisely by friendly fans, friends, and family.

For instance, Beyonce Knowles charity work includes giving her celebrity endorsement to Oxfam, Clothes Off Our Back, and MusiCares. The celebrity couple worked together to raise over one million dollars for charity for his Shawn Carter Foundation at New York’s Pier 54 back in 2011. And Jay Z has used his star power wisely, giving his volunteer support to the Red Cross, PlayPumps, and Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America.

So, as far as being one of the youngest celebrity kids in the world, Blue Ivy got really lucky both with her choice of celebrity parents and starting her show biz career in music wisely.