Celebrity Tattoos: Tattoo quotes on Heidi Klum hot or not in Hollywood?

Celebrity Tattoos! Custom tattoo quotes on Heidi Klum were something she got to prove her love and commitment to pop music singer husband Seal. Did the fashionista fall victim to a trendy fashion statement — one that may have left her permanently disfigured? Or does her celebrity tattoo look really cool?

Love tatts are all the rage in Hollywood these past few decades, but many of the star celebs who get the name of their lover tattooed on their body regret their decision once their love affair comes to an end. Supermodel and reality television star Heidi Klum may be the one exception to the celebrity tattoo taboo rule. Here decision to have her husband Seal’s name tattooed on her forearm seems to be a trendy custom tattoo design idea that was good.

German host of Project Runway, model, and clothing designer Heidi Klum has the name of her celebrity singer and Grammy award-winning husband tattooed on her forearm.

She and Seal have had a very public romance. The two made thousands of celebrity gossip headlines when the Batman movie ballad singer began to date her while she was already pregnant with another man’s child.

Heidi Klum was romantically linked to Formula One Renault Team Director Flavio Briatore. The two broke up shortly after she told him she was pregnant, and from the outside looking in, it appeared as if he ditched her not believing the child was his or thinking Heidi Klum got pregnant simply because she was after his money.

While that might have initially been the case (something never proven), when Klum met and married Seal the romance seemed to be true love. The celebrity couple now have 4 darling children — three of their own and the child of Briatore (who daddy Seal lovingly has raised as if she were his own biological child).

The singer Seal got famous with his Batman movie ballad “Kiss From A Rose” (in case you are wondering who is Seal). A frequent question about him is what happened to his face.

The famous celebrity couple reside in several homes they own around the world. However, they call Brentwood, California home most of the year — where they live in a rumored $13.4 million dollar luxury home.

Her arm tattoo seems to be a trendy fashion design, and thanks to the celebrity couple remaining very much in love and devoted to raising their family together it is unlikely she will have to have it removed by laser surgery any time soon.

Other star celebs that have gotten famous love tatts include celebrity supermodel and Oscar-winning movie star Angelina Jolie, vegetarian celebrity Pamela Anderson, pop music singer turned movie musical star Christina Aguilera, and Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.

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