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List of Green Celebrities fighting to Stop Global Warming

Angelina Jolie is doing it. Jennifer Aniston is doing it. Kristen Stewart is doing it. Sheryl Crow is doing it. Tony Hawk is doing it new, too. So is Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do all of these A-list star celebs have in common? They are all green celebrities doing their part to fight climate change and stop global warming… Going green has become part of Hollywood culture — more specifically, A-List pop culture related to star celebs. It is hard to spend a week watching TV or going to a movie that some pop culture reference to the green movement cannot be seen or to read any entertainment journals and not read something about these humanitarians we know and love from movies on the silver screen.

Latest Celebrity Gossip: How old is Emma Watson from Harry Potter, really?

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How old is celebrity actress Emma Watson from Harry Potter? That depends on what date you are reading this article and which movie you have seen her in last, as the young actress is still young but has been immortalized on the silver screen in her younger version.

Emma Watson is 20 years old.

She was born Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson on April 15, 1990 in Paris, France.

At the age of 5, her parents divorced and young Emma Watson moved to Oxfordshire, England with her mother and younger brother Alexander.

Her reported salary earnings for the Harry Potter movie series have blossomed to $15,000,000 per film. That’s quite a hefty income for a young college student.

Miss Watson attends Brown University in the United States, having passed up Yale opportunities.

Pet friendly, Emma Watson has two cats named Bubbles and Domino.

Anne Hathaway Scandal: Naked photos with Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift, Love and Other Drugs?

Is Taylor Swift pissed off that naked photos of her love interest with another woman are swirling around on the internet? Three different and glorious versions of the Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway EW magazine cover photos have been revealed to the public and fans of both stars are saying and each and every one of them is fantastic. Why are celeb watchers excited to see the magazines? Because the star celebs are naked — yes, totally nude — and those who like to see celebrities acting out passionate love scenes in blockbuster films have a chance to peep. Keep reading…