Verbal Assault a Biologicla Weapon

Verbal Abuse (volume + frequency + NLP) a highly effective biological weapon

Have you ever wondered how the military most effectively tortures prisoners when and if they are not allowed to physically do bodily harm to those whoare being held hostage or captured?

They barage targeted victims with noise riddled with NLP messages desigened to destroy victim psychology and hyperintensify their gut-wrenching, physically normal, terror and anxiety based physiological reaction.

By verbally assaulting targets in a pervasively anti-social and sadistic manner, people in Alpha positions are effectively able to control subordinates while aggressively biologically damaging the psychology of their captors.

Blasting music that sounds offensive or is physically painful for the ears and actual body of a listener is one phsycial mark free way that Sadists and those who hold hostages captive can cause intense physical distress in the mind and body of targeted victims. So is quietly asserting toxic theme messages with the intent to produce duress in a victim.

Whether you are blasting heavy metal hate speech and terror threats on physically sensitive ears or you are pervasively gaslighting a target or group of targets to the point that they give up the psychiological fight for the truth or intelligent rational behavior to pervail, using verbal abuse to assualt someone’s mind and body  simultaneous tends to produce serious neurological impairment and bodily harm by the creation of stress ilness and social anxiety related injuries.

The United States military is fully aware of the power of sound, using word choice and sound bombardment of hostile frequencies to do harm on their captives. When it happens at guantanamo bay, it is known as a form of PASSIVE TORTURE.

When it is done day in and day out over the airwaves of national media sources, toxic vocabulary and the use of tacitly abusive forms of hate speech, ad hominem attacks on resistors character, and credible threats made by implication or overtly create for a general populous an seriously PHYSICALLY toxic and unhealthy living environment.

When someone in charge of a family unit is abusive, in theory Social Service agents should be called to help protect children from psychological abusers.

But what happens when the people who are in charge of a society — people who know full well the incredible harm verbal assault and emotional abuse tactics do to the mind and body of targeted listeners as well as what they create in social tempo with regard to producing a normalized emvironment for social absue — use technology like social media and cable news networks to socially assault using VERBAL ABSUE TACTICS and comprehensive gaslighting strategies to abuse?

You end up with a national healthcare crisis as anxiety disorders, C-PTSD, suidice rates, the rate of domestic violence, and workplace bullying issues consume.

Still believe the Cluster B lie that sticks and stones might break bones but WORDS can never hurt you?

Enablers love to tell you silly things like if you ignore or overlook abuse that a Cluster B aggressors words cannot hurt. They also like to say that if you do not actively choose to listen that a bully cannot physically harm you.

Science — as of 2015 and development in brain scan technology — is finally proving what preferred scapegoat targets and longstanding victims of social abuse or domestic violence have been trying to communicate to people all along…

If a person in your immedite social environment or readable and or auditory sphere of influences chooses to use toxic language, they are phsycially doing everyone who comes into contact with the virally corrupt neurological damaging (or reshaping) pattern active — far more than passive or inconsequential — harm.

Try doing some of your own research on C-PTSD, Stockholm Syndrome, Stress Illnesses, and how certain over the counter and prescription drugs with a TYLENOL BASE (especially when RX or OTC meds are coupled with alcohol consumption) can actively develop when and if a body is physically exposed to a talking vertical thinker.

Verbal Assault couples the use of debilitating sound technology with pscyhology destroying intent. Make no mistake — the younger one is when they first start to hear it and the more times a victim is exposed to verbal or psychological abuse while being targeted, the more likely they are to either become active Abusers themselves or to develop life-threatening illnesses.