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The Bachelorette: No chance Chantal O will be next single girl on reality TV?

Chantal O, the Bachelor contestant who was wrongly dumped by commitment-phobe Brad Womack on the version 2 re-installment of his series last season, turned down The Bachelorette 2011. Instead of seeing the daughter of the sports team from Seattle get a chance to meet a bevy of beautiful bachelors and get a chance to kiss each and every one on national TV, we all are getting the chance to watch Ashley H. While Ashley and her emotional neediness have been riveting, she herself has not been very entertaining. One would think a smart Bachelorette like — say — Chantel O would have been a better choice for reality TV. So why did the ever so lovely and vibrant dumpee tell the producers the polite version of how to get stuffed before signing on again to a new reality show on TV? Keep reading…

Celebrity Babies: Denise Richards new baby adopted domestically, why?

Celebrity Babies!

American Denise Richards adopts new baby girl domestically, not overseas?

[Jun. 30]

While star celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted children abroad from third world countries, all-American girls like Denise Richards and new single mom Sandra Bullock chose to adopt a child domestically. Why didn’t they adopt a baby overseas? Adopting a child is a difficult process. It requires extensive paperwork, typically lengthy interviews and home visits, and takes a great deal of time under the best of circumstances. While adopting a puppy from you local animal shelter now takes more time and trouble than it used to, so does adopting a new baby. If you adopt a child domestically, the amount of travel you have to do is limited — and for Denise Richards, was most likely a factor in deciding where to adopt her new baby.

The Bachelor Breakup: Brad and Emily confirm split to People magazine?

The Bachelor Breakup!

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard confirm relationship breakup to People magazine?

[Jun. 29]

Like America did not see this one coming! Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have officially broken up. The Bachelor who dumped the perfect girl Chantel for the deficient Emily is officially a single man again. Will ABC bring him on as a bachelor again? Maybe on a Bachelorette episode this time? Some fans are wondering if he will try to rekindle his romance with Chantel — the girl he shamed so deeply — now that the inevitable break-up with the pink and green floral home decorator and he have called it quits. As a hot single guy, Womack pretty much has his pick of girls wherever he goes, He is fit, tan, and has a winning smile that is charming with present. He’s also distant, emotionally unavailable at times, and a bit mysterious. He loves being an uncle and playing with kids, but has none of his own yet, so for a divorced mom with kids he’s a dream guy. Sadly, he was not Ken to the Emily Barbie — or maybe he was. After all, even those two crazy Matel dolls are not married yet.