The Bachelorette: No chance Chantal O will be next single girl on reality TV?



The Bachelorette!

No chance Chantal O’Brien will be the next single lady on reality TV?

[Jun. 30]

Chantal O, the Bachelor contestant who was wrongly dumped by commitment-phobe Brad Womack on the version 2 re-installment of his series last season, turned down The Bachelorette 2011. Instead of seeing the daughter of the sports team from Seattle get a chance to meet a bevy of beautiful bachelors and get a chance to kiss each and every one on national TV, we all are getting the chance to watch Ashley H. While Ashley and her emotional neediness have been riveting, she herself has not been very entertaining. One would think a smart Bachelorette like — say — Chantel O would have been a better choice for reality TV. So why did the ever so lovely and vibrant dumpee tell the producers the polite version of how to get stuffed before signing on again to a new reality show on TV?

Reality TV reports:

According to Hollywood Life, a source inside the show assured them that Chantal had [actually] signed contracts with ABC to appear as The Bachelorette, but backed out. It seems Chantal had fallen in love all on her own during the period of time that The Bachelor played out on television screens everywhere.

Apparently, Chantal was serious enough about her new man, Jeff Razore, that when ABC flew her out to Los Angeles to convince her to go through with her appearance on The Bachelorette, it was obvious she just wasn’t into finding someone new.

Chantal is reportedly engaged to Jeff Razore now, but that doesn’t mean the show has taken their offer completely off the table. The source claims that ABC would still happily have Chantal as their bachelorette should her current relationship not work out.

What else did Hollywood Life reveal?

“Chantal’s engaged to a wealthy guy who gave her a four-carat engagement ring,” a friend of Chantal’s tells exclusively. “She really was in love with Brad and was completely heartbroken when that didn’t work out — but now she really knows everything happens for a reason.”

So woe is for Brad Womack (who just got dumped by Emily Maynard after a joke of a relationship and months of America reading bogus news about how the Hollywood couple were doing swimmingly) and woe for Americans who wanted to see Chantel O again on national TV.

We do wish her luck though — she was a sweet girl and most likely the best thing that never happened to Brad Womack on reality TV.