stop romanticizing the people that hurt you

Op Ed: Rolling Stone magazine outs Empath Republicans in the best of ways

Rolling Stone magazine — a trusted pop culture history publication — has made a political step to out trustworthy fiscal conservative Americans.

The source shares:

On August 8th, more than 50 Republican national security officials circulated a letter declaring they would not vote for Trump. “From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief,” the authors wrote. “Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous President and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

Two days later, the Clinton campaign rolled out endorsements from nearly 50 more high-profile Republicans – officials who worked in the Reagan White House and both Bush administrations, plus donors and longtime party loyalists.

Below is a running tally of all the high-profile Republicans (defined here as elected or appointed officials, or those who have worked in government) who have so far refused to back the GOP nominee.

Will the members of the GOP who actually care about the continued success, improved health, and physical safety of not just American voters but all human beings please consider siding with humanitarian citizens of the world?

America used to be a place that was world famous for welcoming refugees.

While most immigrants were treated terribly by White Nationalists who hoped to remain in hyper-control of American society, the mainstream voters (including middle of the road liberals, SNOWFLAKES who supported granting slaves human rights, and those who seek to collaborate rather than compete with men and women in their own communities as well as other countries) hoped that the IDEA of America was bigger than any Cluster B person or klanish peer group’s deplorable, hospitality abusing, and socially terminal evolutionary psychology.

Can FISCAL CONSERVATIVES who support covil rights please step forward and morally align with the people of the NATION rather than a truly psychologically troubled and disturbed faction?

Can REPUBLICAN VOTERS — meaning people who voted to socially support and enable the rise of the Alt-Right please take a moment to consider the legacy of rule by Collapsed Narcissism they are endorsing as the lifestyle platform to be LIVED by their children, grandchildren, and that will have to be CLEANED UP as well as endured by their soon to be space-faring great grandchildren (if we are able to avoid total destruction of the human race by the Twitter in Chief and the Bannon-Priebus controlled administration?

Who knows.

Its on you now, GOP voters.

Our best OP-Ed advice?

Stop romanticizing the people that hurt you.

The Alt-Right appeals to people who are Cluster B, vertical thinkers  ONLY. If you have no earthly idea what either of those phrases mean, time to actively get to doing your own self-help homeschool project and academic themed researching.