stop romanticizing the people that hurt you

Welcome to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

The following tweet history is evidence of an ongoing social media discussion about the realities of the impact of Narcissistic Abuse enacted against targets and colatteral damage victims by Cluster B people and their Enablers.

For the latest news and information about how to help a person in crisis — including yourself — please visit directly for more information about Narcissistic Absue, how to spot Cluster B people, and how to survive social abuse actively being enacted daily by those who are by nature or habit strictly adhering to logic actively promoted by vertical thinkers.

Scholars and pundits are encouraged to review what constitutes VERBAL ASSAULT and EMOTIONAL ABUSE before speaking on talk shows or to friends and family members.

Reviewing national healthcare information about C-PTSD (previously available on the VA website) and information about Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Cluster B personality types in general is strongly recommended — not just for journalists and lawmakers but for any human being interested in figuring out why AMBIENT ABUSE of Empaths and emotionally intelligent people is starting to take its toll on victims.

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