stop romanticizing the people that hurt you

TBI and #TylenolPoisoning are @.elonmusk and Johnny Depp's best legal chance at having a valid medical alibi for their behavior.

WHO is Kristi Lami?





WHO is Kristi Lami




WHO is Kristi Lami


Nassemond Gaslighter Racketeering steering reel estate collapse marketing all over chicken concubines

El Garbangio dupe conning Freemason



Who are the current artists that Paul's listening to right now? Revisit Paul's huge Reddit AMA from December to find answers to this and more:

Welcome HOME @ArsenioHall


Murphy et Murray et Farley et Winters et Williams worked.

@ZamundaRoyals @CarnegieEndow @morningjoe


Prime Video@PrimeVideo

The @zamundaroyals have returned. #Coming2America is now streaming on @primevideo.

#AncestryDNA and and @NASA would be well served to make Spaceship Earth a serious #HackMars #TeachingEmpathy oriented ongoing multigenerational #HOMESCHOOL project for Lifetime Learners and our family units to together and separately enjoy. <3 #NeverAlone

Mickey Central@Mickey_Central

UPDATE: The refurbishment of Spaceship Earth has been indefinitely postponed. 👷 EPCOT reopens on July 15. Will you be riding one more time? 🎢🌎

Walt Disney World to Reopen in Two Waves: July 11, July 15 after COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown.

Cast Members and guests older than two years old will be required to wear a face covering at all times.

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What makes a first person source or someone who claims to be an expert credible? - via #SavingDorothy @AriMelber

Why Toxic Family members act like serial bullies toward targeted Inlaws - via #SavingDorothy

What happens to an Aging Narcissist when they reach Senior Citizen status? - via #SavingDorothy

When loving a BPD family member is caustic - via #SavingDorothy

Alcohol is the only drug we should ‘Never’ have to explain not using (ever) - via #SavingDorothy

What is a Gold Digger? - via #SavingDorothy

Machiavellian Stall Tactics for pro-social reasons should not be conflated with Anti-Social behavior - via #SavingDorothy

How smear campaigns work - via #SavingDorothy

Narcissistic Abuse in relationships leads to the formation of wholly preventable stress related illnesses - via #SavingDorothy

The cost of being kind without setting healthy boundaries great for Autistics, Empaths, and People Pleasers - via #SavingDorothy

How to spot people who lie and who undermine - via #SavingDorothy

Collapsed Narcissism and the Toxic Adult Child Mentality - via #SavingDorothy

What happens to Narcissists in the end - via #SavingDorothy

Somatic Narcissists are seldom in touch with their own logic or emotions - via #SavingDorothy

Enough is never enough for a Glutton - via #SavingDorothy

How to identify Emotional Abuse if you were groomed to enable Social Predators - via #SavingDorothy

Surviving the Family Smear Campaign - via #SavingDorothy

How to recover from a Smear Campaign - via #SavingDorothy

Why the brain cannot stop thinking about Abuse or Abusers after trauma exposure - via #SavingDorothy

Why Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate - via #SavingDorothy

How to spot an abusive female before, during, or after marriage - via #SavingDorothy

Never take an abusive or ‘Narcissistic’ person to counseling with you - via #SavingDorothy

Trauma Bonding leads many Domestic Abuse victims to willfully enable - via #SavingDorothy

About Flying Monkeys Denied - via #SavingDorothy @VancityReynolds @ThatKevinSmith @joerogan

Sharing GREEN CELEBRITY LOVE with #TeamEMPath over on XO

Willie Nelson - Just Breathe (Official Video)

Carter Center says former President Jimmy Carter is recovering from surgery after breaking a hip

Depression begins in the gut. More importantly, possible treatment emerges.

Common is a #greencelebrity. So is @AriMelber.

Puddles is a #GreenCelebrity.

Transplanting gut bacteria alters depression-related behavior, brain inflammation in animals

Plantain is not Weed. It Fights Cancer, Prevents Kidney Stones, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Parasite and More

Follow for health and wellness information from #TeamEmpath and @greencelebrity.

Study Finds Magnesium Treats Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs

Richard Branson is a #GreenCelebrity.

Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson on First Kisses, Fan Tattoos, and 'Avengers: Endgame'

Russell Brand On Other People's Opinion Of Him!

Chasten Buttigieg has been a homeless community-college student and a Starbucks barista. Now, he could be ‘first gentleman.’

Jim Carrey - How To Find Happiness In Life | A Chilling Speech

Expert “Lie Spotter” Reveals Telltale Signs Of Deception

Scientists find brain mechanism that naturally combats overeating - News

Einstein was a green celebrity. His wife was a genius as well. Grok.

@stephenking @STEPHENATHOME @michelleobama Merry Quite Contrary. suggests follow up.

Astronauts are always green celebrity figures due to their sacrifices made for the study of science and the body. #HACKMARS #GREENCELEBRITY #SAVINGDOROTHY <3

XO @StephenAtHome

Ariana Grande posting brain scans, sparking conversation about PTSD

Royal Baby | Harry and Meghan eagerly prepare for the arrival of their first child | Sunday Night

Stephen King is a #greencelebrity.

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