Haley Reinhart best darn Karaoke lounge singer on American Idol 2011?



American Idol 2011!

Haley Reinhart best dang Karaoke lounge singer on American Idol 2011?

[Apr. 13]

That Haley Reinhart… she is the breakout not-a-hit on American Idol 2011. While she loves to belt out a note, the chances are that she will be booted off the American Idol competition long before a record deal can even be seriously talked about. Judge Randy Jackson finally said what so many Americans were already thinking about Haley’s April 13th appearance — her Blondie tune, while fun and lively, was amateur level at best and simply not up to par compared to the show’s other talents this season.

While everyone hopes American Idol hosts will discover a new Janis Joplin and early comparisons were made between Haley Reinhart and the deceased rock and roll legend, her voice and personality — while trying her best — bless her heart, just ain’t making it.

However, since Pia Toscano was sent home by call in voters last week, it seems no one on American Idol is safe this season.

The April 13th show showed all the competitors taking risks of one sort or another — except for Hailey Reinhart (whose only risk was her inability to bring it).

Stephen Tyler agreed with Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez agreed with Randy Jackson. Everyone who is a fan of real music agreed with Randy Jackson. Bottom line, when it comes to Haley Reinhart, although we like her personally and think she is probably a nice girl, she simply has got to go.

Don’t agree?

Think about the critique and re-watch the video:  Kasey Reinhart sings call me

The three best perfromances of the night were (in order of best to reaching for it in this writers humble opinion):

  • The kid who sings Heavy Metal and already works the stage and crowd like a veteran rocker, DURBIN. [Yeah, insert head banger chanting here for the American Idol contestant with the funniest ears for his rendition of a rock ballad from HEAVY METAL.] Go figure — but we’d love to see a live show in an arena where James Durbin headlines for a big opening act like Ozzy Osbourne or Aerosmith (both shows that are great to see live and in person because the rockers interact with the live audience).
  • Casey Cool… we mean Casey Abrams. The bass actually worked and he caught everyone’s attention with a Jazz number that really had toes tapping, daydreaming about hearing the retro tune on his next album.
  • Scotty McCreery — although not the best perfromance of the night — was still 100% country strong (with no hint of Gwyneth Paltrow’s limited range or flat vocals around). Scotty — win our hearts back next week. Go deep, darlin — slow and deep — and make the magic happen for America next week so you can climb back on top the next round.

But how will America vote? Who will be the next American Idol contestant to go home?

We’ll let you know.

In the meantime, if you are a fan of Haley Reinhart, our deepest apologies and check out the following links to her verified tweets:

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