Michelle Obama pregnant might be clever way to get president re-elected?

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Michelle Obama Pregnant rumors swirl on internet, sparking talk about first White House pregnancy in 21st century —

[Jan. 4]

Rumors have been swirling on the internet that First Lady Michelle Obama might be pregnant. The source of the rumors seems to point back by a psychic named Nikki who reported to World Weekly News that she thinks Michelle Obama is pregnant. While the White House denies there is a bun in the Baby Boomer oven, what the news proves is that if Michelle Obama were to get pregnant right around the time incumbent President Barack Obama will be up for re-election, that it would be almost impossible for Republicans to oust the Democrat dynamic duo from the Oval Office.

While the Republicans might control the house now and Nancy Pelosi — the White House guard dog — might be muzzled, one thing is for certain. Michelle Obama has the keys to the White House fornt door, and if the celebrity couple had to redecorate to put a nursery for a new green baby in the celebrity home, she would literally have the opportunity to control the president’s political future (at least in the sense she’d be able to ensure him a second term).

Michelle Obama might play dutiful mother and wife, but she is no dummy. A Princeton graduate, she has stood behind her husband — knowing it would be easier to get the first black president elected than the first woman. Would it be beneath her to encourage Barack Obama to father a child with her one more time?

The Chicago residents have become Washingtonian socialites welcome at red carpet and celebrity events around the world, but talk in recent months has left most political watchers with the feeling that Barack Obama might be a one term president whose reputation as a rock star might be grand, but that he may end up liked as a president as much as Jimmy Carter was (or even less).

By the time Barbara Walters interviewed the president and his wife while they were in the White House, the star celebs looked happy in their posh environment but seemed less than certain he would be elected again.

A big bun in the over during the final months of the campaign and the United States media looking forward to the photo ops of the new baby spending his or her toddler years eating organic baby food and wearing eco friendly baby clothes outfits could be the press backing Obama needs to be re-elected with ease — as the happy news about a new baby could drown out the droning talk about his first term failures in getting anything accomplished.

While the entire Michelle Obama Pregnancy Rumor was just a hoax, it really could be a winning campaign strategy — if adopted. Pun intended.

What do YOU think? Should the aging couple try to have a baby again — even if by surrogate parents?

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