Can Kim Kardashian handle mob wife role with John Travolta? Fans say NO!




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Can Kim Kardashian handle mob wife role with John Travolta? Fans say NO!

[Feb. 26]



Kim Kardashian is at the top of the list to play mob wife Kim Gotti alongside Oscar nominee John Travolta as mobster John Gotti in a new film underway. But fans say Kardashian isn’t ready for the movie big leagues with the likes of Travolta. The movie will highlight the life of John Gotti and his tortured son Junior. Kardashian is currently in talks about playing the role of Kim Gotti, wife of Junior and daughter-in-law of John Gotti.

Kim Kardashian is already known for her poor perfromance in Disaster Movie (2008), for which she was nominated a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress in 2009. She laughed it off then, commenting, “I’m having a really good laugh over the fact that I’ve been nominated for a Razzie this year. I had so much fun filming Disaster Movie (2008) and giggled the entire time during the shoot.”

Fox News reports, “While Armenian by birth, Kardashian could easily pass for Italian to play Kim Gotti, who was married to John Gotti’s son, John Gotti Jr. Oscar-nominated star James Franco is reportedly in talks to play the role of Junior.”

The Hollywood party girl Kim Kardashian really will need to get herself together if she hopes to keep up with John Travolta, though. We think she can do it if she applies herself, but she’s going to have to take the role of a Gotti seriously if she wants any serious movie cred. No giggling and goofing off.

This is no reality TV show, Kim. John Travolta is an accomplished actor and fans are already skeptical. You’ll have to work hard to prove them wrong.

John Gotti was the head of New York City’s Gambino crime family in the 1980s. Junior (John Gotti, Jr.) supposedly took over for Gotti after Gotti was incarcerated. Gotti originally took over for Paul Castellano as head of the mob family.

The new movie is reported to be titled Gotti and will highlight three generations of the Gambino crime family. We know John Travolta is up to the task, but can Kim Kardashian prove herself to be more than a reality TV party girl and step into a serious movie role playing Kim Gotti? Kardashian has the right look at least. We’ll see.

No word yet on when filming of Gotti may begin.