Dancing With The Stars 2011: Who is Petra Nemcova?

Dancing With The Stars 2011!

Who is Petra Nemcova?

[Mar. 29]

Season Twelve of Dancing with the Stars celebrity all-star cast lineup includes supermodel, Petra Nemcova, a beautiful girl who was discovered in her native Czech Republic by a scout wandering the streets there. She is perhaps most famous for her endurance of the 2004 tsunami that struck Thailand, where the supermodel and green celebrity clung to a tree for eight hours before being rescued. She suffered multiple injuries and broken bones from the experience, and she lost her boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee in the storm as well.

Her injuries were not light weight. She even broke her pelvis in the natural disaster.

But that hasn’t kept supermodel Petra Nemcova down. The green celebrity founded the Happy Hearts Fund, following her recovery from the devastating tsunami in Thailand. The Happy Hearts Fund is “dedicated to improving children’s lives through educational and sustainable programs in natural disaster areas. A full 100% of donations is put into children’s programs.

IMDb quotes Petra Nemcova as saying:

I’ve learned a couple of things. And one of the things I have learned is that every experience has pluses and minuses. If we focus on the minuses, we go down the spiral. But if we are able to focus on the pluses, we can become stronger and put more meaning into our life. So, we have choice, and sometimes it seems very hard, but the best way to heal physically or emotionally is to keep positive.

And positive the green celebrity has stayed. After hearing of the tsunami in Japan, Petra Nemcova nearly bailed on Dancing with the Stars, opting to immediately get involved in relief efforts for Japan. Sources have said she was talked out of cancelling because her appearance on Dancing with the Stars easily could reach an audience of millions and allow her to spread the word, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

“This is really ‘Dancing With A Purpose’ for me,” the green celebrity said. “The purpose is to shine more of a light on the lives of children who are forgotten.”

And dancing is a passion for Petra Nemcova. IMDb quotes the supermodel as saying, “I love to dance. I can dance for, like, four or five hours nonstop without even drinking water. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.” While her dancing routine for Dancing with the Stars has not been the best perfromance on the show, it easily has been one of the most heartfelt.

Stay tuned to season 12 of Dancing with the Stars with supermodel and green celebrity Petra Nemcova.

Episode 2 of Dancing with the Stars aired on March 28, 2011, at 8 p.m. on ABC. A very happy and lovely green celebrity dancer Petra Nemcova was safe after the crowd voted and the results returned on March 29.