Celebrity Couples: Leonardo DiCaprio dating Green Lantern Gossip Girl?



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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating?

[Jul. 30]

Leonardo DiCaprio is not romantically involved with supermodel Bar Refaeli any more. Now, the green celeb from the hit movie Inception has moved on to greener pastures — dating Green Lantern and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. The two were spotted out to lunch eating at Pink Taco (where Lively was reported to have asked for extra sour cream). But what do the Hollywood hotties have in common other that they are both gorgeous movie stars with oodles of money and career opportunities?

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best known green celebrities in the world. He lives in an eco-friendly home in New York City (of all places) — in a luxury condo built to be sustainable. He drives a Toyota Prius and since the runaway prius scandal has become the new poster boy face of Tesla Motors [endorsing their Tesla Roadster]. Word on the street is he is also in line to get the first Fisker Karma to roll off the production line — scooping even car guy Jay Leno and green car enthusiast David Letterman (who both understand the value of owning such a highly collectible machine). He also just launched his own Tiger Protection charity.

Actress Blake Lively got famous on television starring in the hit TV series Gossip Girl. A non-traditional beauty, she really does look like the girl next door (if the girl next door was a cheerleader and the high school prom queen). She just landed the romantic lead with actor Ryan Reynolds in the comic book super hero movie remake of the TV series Green Lantern. A rising star in Hollywood, she was rumored to be one reason why Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson divorced — but all three parties press camps have denied any inappropriate co-mingling.

[Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are both green celebrities, by the way. He supports preventing climate change by speaking out passionately about the need to convert to clean, renewable energy sources while she’s been an advocate for recycling cel phones. The two did a green building remodeling project on their home in New Orleans before they split. He’s been rumored to be seeing actress Charlize Theron (who helps raise money for a variety of humanitarian charities). She’s been dating actor Sean Penn — who has been helping Haiti — but they just split.]

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprioSo, other that then fact that she has long blond hair and is famous — what about Blake Lively is catching the attention of one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, the forty something actor Leonardo DiCaprio? Born August 25, 1987 the model and actress from a showbiz family has grown up a Hollywood insider. While Leo knows film as a child actor, the two understand the entertainment world having both grown up around the business. This level of “in common” is likely to give the two lovebirds a certain comfort level when they are around one another. She also has a charitable nature developing. For instance, she just designed a T-Shirt for charity to help benefit the tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan.

So, while one butterfly drawing embossed on a T-Shirt is not riveting in and of itself romantically, it does indicate she’ll most likely be drawn to listening to Leo DiCaprio talk about causes like the environment and be willing to follow along whenever he does use his star power wisely to benefit charity. While charitable giving might not be romantic in and of itself, having a charitable nature allows a person to be giving in and of themselves… and that bodes well for lucky Leo. Why? Because he’s got his Gossip Girl who is not intimidated by the press playing puppy at his side and a partner in crime who will help him do good deeds all the time.

Good luck to the new celebrity couple. We’ll be watching and keep you posted about their progress giving back to the community while they grow closer together — or report on their green celebrity good deeds as individuals should the Hollywood romance fizzle out like so many others.