Ashton Kutcher mistress name revealed: Who is actress Sara Leal?

Ashton Kutcher cheating on Demi Moore rumorsNew rumors about Ashton Kutcher have hit the internet and they are not about Two And A Half Men. This time, the story is about two and a half women (of sorts) as gossip websites foreshadow trouble brewing between Demi Moore, a friendly new source leak, and an aspiring actress named Sarah Leal.

Have you heard? The website shared the following breaking news story from The Dirty posted on September 26th, 2011:

Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore have been plagued with rumors about their marriage from the moment they said, “I Do”. Now Kutcher is rumored to have cheated on Moore with aspiring actress and director Sara Leal.

The Dirty reveals that an insider claims that a staffer at Sting magazine is friends with Sara Leal, and that Kutcher and Leal had a late night affair at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Saturday night.

According to multiple celeb gossip sources, now that her friend talked Leal is offering to disclose the details of her affair with Kutcher for $250,000.

A quick check of @aplusk on Twitter shows there is no verified tweet about the rumor Ashton Kutcher had an affair with the relatively unknown person (a woman who at the time of this publication had an IMDb profile with no picture).

There is (however) a verified tweet from actress Demi Moore posted last week — one of her naked back with a quote saying sometimes you need to watch your own back.

Was her remark a chilling warning to the young star that she’s on to his love games?

That all depends if you believe the rumors that Ashton Kutcher is a cheater.

Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore founded DNA, a non-profit organization that strives to end human trafficking and sex worker slavery. Ashton tweeted @charliesheen earlier in the week telling him he wants to hook up to discuss what the foundation is doing to help women and children trapped in the lifestyle. He and Sheen have been striving to create a public front that showcases their new friendship now that the younger star has taken over the anchor role Sheen lost when he was fired from the hit show Two And A Half Men.

On September 18th, @charliesheen wrote, “btw I’d love to connect with you at some point and talk about Human trafficking and what @dnafoundation is working on.”

But that reach-out won’t help the actor through protecting his relationship if he’s been caught cheating on his wife now.

Demi Moore, ex-wife of Bruce Willis and notable charity benefit donor for a wide variety of causes, has helped her young husband professionally in Hollywood for years. Rumors the two are unhappy because of their age difference have continually come up. However, the celebrity couple has (to date) given no indication her age or his immaturity has ever been a problem.

Both star celebs are famous humanitarians.

Will an affair with Sarah Leal — a beautiful blonde — create a celebrity scandal? Whether the gossip is true or not, the rumor mills are already picking up on the name “Sarah Leal” (sp) and photos of Ashton partying at a California night club on his 6th wedding anniversary weekend minus brunette wife Demi are already being passed around Hollywood.