Demi Moore is no Meryl Streep say Hollywood pals? (Not aging gracefully)

Ratted out by her celebrity friends for being obsessed with youth and looking thin, actress Demi Moore must be struggling emotionally to assimilate all that has happened to her since this time last year. She went from being the better half of an estranged power couple to becoming a Hollywood joke of a celeb. Obsessed with doing charity work to help sex workers battling drug addiction and worse on the streets, she herself turned into an emotionally damaged party girl. So why isn’t she aging gracefully like actress Meryl Streep? Some blame her celebrity diet, but most blame her cougar obsession with Ashton Kutcher for making her weak.

Demi Moore is no Meryl StreepActress Demi Moore was hospitalized at the end of January 2012 for a party and celebrity diet binge that led to the now famous 911 call. Partying with her younger daughter Rumer Willis, the Ghost and GI Jane actress seems to be trying to relive her youth.

Still beautiful but with her looks starting to decline (from a combination of old age and stress), her celebrity friends and Hollywood pals say that everyone knows about her youth obsession, but they claim few women in California have the emotional maturity to age gracefully like actress Meryl Streep.

E! Online got the inside scoop about Demi Moore’s obsession with youth and beauty. They shared a sympathetic news report about the mental condition of the ailing actress, saying:

We assume it might be a bit tough living in the spotlight when all anyone (us included) constantly chitchats about is your cougar status. Which might be what fueled Demi Moore’s attempts at recapturing her youth, as some tabloids have started claiming. Rumors are circulating that not only was Demi constantly trying to look younger, but she’s spiraling into a sort of wild child with young party-pals, perhaps? So what do pals close to Demi have to say about the latest batch of allegations? “It’s no secret Demi’s obsessed with looking younger,” our source tells us. “What woman isn’t in this town? I mean, besides Meryl Streep?” Valid point.

Regarding 911 calls, some of the other most memorable emergency services dispatch phone calls, heart wrenching recorded pleas for help, or secret celebrity fight tapes released to the general public in recent memory include (but sadly are not limited to):

  1. A blitzed Brooke Mueller calling the cops in Colorado on her now ex-husband Charlie Sheen.
  2. Corey Haim’s frantic mother calling for help the morning he died
  3. Mel Gibson’s mistress Oksana what’s her name — who secretly recorded him ranting at her
  4. Charlie Sheen’s medical emergency call when he had a tummy ache after too much sex and binge drinking

…. and now the celebrity distress calls from the friends of Demi.

What are your thoughts about how Demi Moore should handle herself coming away from this celebrity scandal. Should she swear off younger men, start taking movie roles playing women her own age, and start eating? After all, since Ashton Kutcher started getting caught cheating with younger women (which he may or may not have been telling he had an open marriage) she’s been losing weight like crazy.

It is her anorexic-looking frame that’s actually making the movie star look older now than she is by at least 15-20 years. Plus, the stress and strain losing that much weight puts on the body is likely to have contributed to her drug-induced medical tragedy. She went from being a MILF to looking like that creepy old lady who jumped actor Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder pretty dang quick (even by Hollywood culture celebrity diet standards).

For those reasons, if she is obsessed with looking young and thin, then she really ought to consider hanging out with older men and fatter women. But those are just one entertainment news writer’s thoughts about the whole Demi Moore youth obsession situation. But, in defense of my suggestion, word on the street is that she might just have an opportunity to realize that herself, as both Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher have apparently been visiting her at her hospital bedside. Young guy, old guy.

Here’s a hint, Demi. No matter how great the sex is or how hot they look as arm candy for you on the red carpet, pick men with better character. And quit partying with your daughter Rumor Willis. For gosh sakes that girl is going to be messed up enough from the divorce(s) and being a celebrity kid. She does not need to see her mommy having an epileptic seizure on the floor after mixing huffing Whip-its, smoking Spice, and binge drinking with the girls.

What advice do you have for Demi Moore about self-esteem, body image, and aging gracefully? Let readers know in the comments section below.