Celebrity Tattoos: Tattoo quotes on Pamela Anderson hot or not in Hollywood?

Celebrity Tattoos!

Pamela Anderson went from Tommy to Mommy with custom tattoo cover up for Gen X pinup girl —

[Dec. 27]

Celebrity love tatts have been all the rage in Hollywood the past few years. Celebrity tattoos on female star celebs like Angelina Jolie helped to make the trend of getting tattoos with fancy designs to create the name of celebrity boyfriends, lovers, and husbands seemed to be the hip and trendy thing to do if you were a young celebrity couple in love in Hollywood. But what happens when celebrity couples split up — yet the star celebs are left permanently embossed? They get the tattoos removed by laser surgery or covered up with fresh in. At least that is what celebrity blonde bombshell and Vegetarian animal rights activist Pamela Anderson did when her romance with Motley Crue rock music musician and drummer Tommy Lee first broke up. Pam and Tommy have two celebrity kids.

Pamela Anderson was not always blonde and famous. She started out a fairly homely brunette from Lady Smith, British Columbia, Canada born July 1, 1967. Tall and gawky (5’7″ with long legs), the wannabe actress and model had great bone structure for plastic surgeons to build on and that made her a perfect model in fornt of the camera. She was discovered at a British Columbia Lyons football game — noticed for wearing a LaBatts beer t-shirt which by that time she filled out impressively. When they transmitted her image on the stadium’s wide screen, everyone knew something special was going on; fans cheered and she was brought down to the 50 yard line. As a result, Anderson was signed for a commercial contract with LeBatts and became the companies poster girl. Shortly thereafter, Pamela Anderson was featured as a cover model on Playboy Magazine. Well liked by the magazine’s founder Hugh Hefner, she has been featured 5 times. The blonde with the sunny smile and surreal Jessica Rabbit figure often models nude to help draw attention to animal rights causes and to show that you can have a great figure even if you eat vegetarian diet.

Pamela Anderson met Tommy Lee when he was at the height of his career. They met on New Years Even 1994 in New York City. Tommy Lee had previously been married to television celebrity Heather Locklear; he was the drummer for the 80s rock band Motley Crue and at the time was just getting into tattoos. [Tommy Lee’s first big tattoo was of Might Mouse.] Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson started to have big problems as a celebrity couple following a leaked sex tape. The video showed Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee having sex on tape. Tommy denied leaking news of the video of Pam to celebrity gossip websites, but the movie is still to this day one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes. Despite the fact that Pam made her living selling sex, the betrayal of intimacy seemed to unsettle her. Allegations Tommy Lee was abusive and involved with drugs and alcohol did not make matters any better. The celebrity couple had gotten married in Cancun, Mexico in February of 1995; it was at that time Pamela Anderson tattooed the name TOMMY on her wedding ring finger. The celebrity couple divorced in early 1998 and fought very publicly over custody rights and visitation time with their two young celebrity kids. When they split, Pamela Anderson had the love tatt on her ring finger changed from saying TOMMY to MOMMY as proof of devotion to her children.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson quietly got back together almost a decade later after news came the starlet Playmate was diagnosed with the disease Hepatitis C. She and Kid Rock had been an item at the time, and the news she was afflicted with the [typically] sexually transmitted disease caused them to divorce less than a year into their marriage. As such, it was a good thing she did not get a love tatt to commemorate her relationship with him.

Other star celebs that have gotten famous love tatts include celebrity supermodel Heidi Klum, green celebrity Angelina Jolie, Burlesque movie star and pop music diva Christina Aguilera, and Desperate Housewives television star Eva Longoria.

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