Huge List of Bad Celebrity Couples: The Hollywood scandals, break-ups, splits, and divorces of 2010




Bad Hollywood Celebrity Couples!

Hollywood History: Which famous celebrity couples broke up in 2010? —

[Jan. 1]

You’ve heard about the Hollywood scandals from celebrity gossip sources like TMZ and Radar Online. You’ve read about the break-ups in entertainment journals like People and OK Magazine. You’ve even watched the Twitter trending topic shift the news tickers on CNN when some new Hollywood love affair splits. So what were the biggest Hollywood scandals, break-ups, splits and divorces of 2010 that never reconciled throughout the year?

You KNOW Oksana and Mel Gibson called it quits after tapes of him ranting and raving at her following what appears to be an ugly incident of domestic violence with a new baby in residence made him — rather than the conniving and manipulative her — look like a total idiot. But who else split and saw the biggest headlines dishing dirt about who they kissed and did not tell or who simply said enough is enough and called it quits? Here is the Big HOLLYWOOD SPLIT LIST for 2010:


  1. Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) split with hubby NBA star Tony Parker in November. Rumors about Parker cheating with the wife of a San Antonio Spurs team mate — a Mrs. Erin Barry — were cited as the cause. Why would anyone cheat on super sexy Eva Longoria? Tony says he did not — that the sexts he had sent by the thousands back and forth with the woman were just talk. So which person is the green celeb? Eva Longoria. She’s an advocate for women, helps support Latino charities, and has written a cookbook that includes some mighty tasty but still healthy recipes.
  2. Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men, Spin City)  and Brooke Mueller broke up after a well publicized incident of alleged domestic violence in December of 2009. The celebrity couple was on vacation over Christmas in Colorado with their young twins when she got drunk, claimed they got in a fight, and that he attacked her. Their divorce was final in October of 2010 — but Charlie’s adventures did not stop there. He was accused of being on a Cocaine bender in a hotel room with a paid escort porn star who claimed she is NOT a prostitute — most likely because the prosti-tot is not yet old enough to read a dictionary. But guess what? Old Charlie is a humanitarian — secretly. He’s donated a ton of money, most recently updating his celebrity bio to include helping Japan’s earthquake victims.
  3. Courtney Cox (Friends, Scream Franchise, Cougar Town) is separated from her husband of 11 years David Arquette (Scream Franchise). The two insist they still love each other but need a break; however, David Arquette has repeatedly gone on the Howard Stern show and made himself look like an idiot. He’s bragged about how great having sex with a waitress made him feel while he and Courtney Cox were still together, how he cried after having sex with another person for the first time after he and Courtney split (implying now he’s had multiple new partners, and claiming then denying he’s having a nervous breakdown and seeing a psychiatrist weekly. They are both currently working on Scream 4. She does charity benefit work for the Red Cross, making her one of the famous humanitarians worth following.
  4. Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, Crash, Miss Congeniality ) shortly after winning the Oscar for Best actress Sandra found out her professional douchebag of a husband and reality TV star Jesse James was cheating on her whenever he was at the office or she was out of town. Jesse James is lucky to NOT be a dead man after sleeping with so many women who looked like they had cooties that simply would not scrub off. They divorced in June 2010, and Jesse James is now dating nice tattoo artist Kat Von D — who everyone feels sorry for immensely. Meanwhile, not back at her Austin, Texas rance, Sandra Bullock has moved to New Orleans where she’s playing single mom to newly adopted son Louis. She’s also donated over a million dollars to help the people of Haiti.
  5. Sean Penn (Milk, Mystic River) and Robin Write Penn (Princess Bride, Forrest Gump) were almost divorced in 2007 and tried to work things out, Robin filed and the couple split in August 2010. Sean Penn, for those who might have forgotten, used to be married to Madonna — who divorced Guy Richie earlier in the decade. His work in the movie MILK helped advocate for the LGBT community.
  6. Rachel Weisz (The Mummy, The Constant Gardener) and Darren Aronofsky (Director of Requiem for a Dream) called off their engagement of five years in November. We have no idea why, really — but irreconcilable differences seems to be enough to split marital property earnestly. Her family survived the holocaust.
  7. Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce in October after rumors that his wife Trish after 17 years of marriage was having an affair with Bret Michaels. They are the parents of Miley Cyrus. Bret Michael’s was suspected of being far more interested in getting into Miley’s pants when she turned 18 and has denied that he and Trish are anything but friends — but the celebrity scandal still surprised nearly everybody in the music industry. Now that Miley turned of age, Bret has been steering clear — while the wayward teen has been busy trying to hook up with Zac Efron (who recently broke up with long time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens). If those two mate, think HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL meets POLE DANCING STRIPPER SLEAZE. But, regardless of the hillbilly drama, he is still pet friendly.
  8. Blake Lively and Penn Badgely both from “Gossip Girl” broke up in October, followed by Blake Lively being accused of splitting up Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan REynolds filed for divorce Christmas week; there is no confirmation yet whether or not he and Blake Lively will ever become an item. Personally, we kind of hope he’s boning hooking up with Sandy Bullock — and we say that in the most affectionate way possible. The two star celebs are lovely people and we can’t think of a pair who would probably laugh more together in a bedroom to lift their spirits as friends with benefits. Come to think of it, shouldn’t she be checking out newly single eco friendly star Leonardo DiCaprio? Ummm, yeah — there are rumors the two are dating.
  9. Shia LeBeouf (Transformers, Disturbia, Eagle Eye) and Carey Mulligan (Pride & Prejudice) who co-starred in “Wall Street 2” broke up this year. Wait… did we even know these two were dating? Somehow headlines about Megan Fox getting canned from Transformers 3 overshadowed a great deal of this relationship news. However, the young actor is apparently hot property in Hollywood and quite frankly we know about the other young lady because our youngest staffer here at GCN, Drew Davis, has had a little crush on her. Since she got her hair cut super short, he thinks she’s darling. Funny in a weird sort of way, he has given his celebrity endorsement to groups that help support rape crisis and sexual abuse survivors. [We wonder if he’s trying to recover from a tryst with Megan Fox?]
  10. Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore split in June after 40 years of marriage to the surprise of, well, quite frankly everybody. When you have been together that long, have a family and that much money, why split? The couple had enough homes for them to live separately but elected to divorce formally, dashing any hopes the green celebrity Nobel Prize winner will run again for the presidency.
  11. Jim Carrey (Mask, Liar Liar) and Jenny McCarthy (Two and a Half Men, Scream 3) split in April of 2010. Carrey quipped that the up side of the break-up was that the celebrity couple would never get divorce, as they had not gotten married in the first place. Jenny McCarthy was the pretty blond who helped anchor New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest to bring in the 2011 year on December 31. She is actually the more notable green celeb, having advocated for people with autism and their families.
  12. Halle Berry (X-Men, Catwoman) and Garbiel Aubrey (Model) announced their divorce in April 2010 which was really sad, as they have a very cute child in common. However, the most distressing news about the split was when the jackass showed up dating Kim Kardashian. Did the celebrity socialite split up the star celebs marriage in any way? Dang, we hope she had nothing to do with it — but we will say that although he is extremely handsome, he seems to be guilty of Hollywood social climbing. She’s helped out the Make A Wish Foundation and the March of Dimes.
  13. Mel Gibson (Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, The Patriot) and Oksana Grigorieva (edge of Darkness, performer) split in April only six months after the birth of their daughter. What has happened to Mel that was an even bigger scandal in the eyes of most women? That he actually knocked up the Russian gold digger and divorced his lovely wife with whom he had seven OTHER children so he could get jiggy with her. Somehow disembowelment seems like a fit punishment, but sadly neither American courts or Australian courts granted his ex-wife this punishment along with her alimony payment. Look — we said this was a review of bad news. Don’t make us say nice things about either of these two.
  14. Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Fred Armiensen (Saturday Night Live) divorced after only 8 months of marriage, making their romance one of the fastest celebrity couples skits of the 2010 year. She’s not well known as a greenie, but she has been popping up on the red carpet at charity events recently.
  15. Christina Aguilera (Burlesque and pop star) and her financial backer husband Jordan Bratman (Record Exec) filed for divorce in October 2010 after she became a movie star and hooked up with some totally hot guy she met while working on the set. Once the film came out and it was clear that Aguilera is a better movie star and musical performer likely to win a Tony Award immediately should she ever elect to do a live stage Broadway musical version of Burlesque with Cher, she ditched him — thus ending their well publicized NAKED SUNDAY tradition. She is the World Food Programme’s new Ambassador, and recently traveled to Haiti in that capacity.



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