Why Kourtney Kardashian starting celebrity moms blog is shocking

Here’s a rant of all epic editorial rants for you… about reality television stars we know far too much about because they put their private lives on TV. Kourtney Kardashian might be famous for being the daughter of celeb mom Kris Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but now she plans to craft her public image as one of the trendiest celebrity moms out there. Launching a new blog about being a parent, it will be interesting to see how she explains her choice to co-parent with suspected alcoholic Scott Disick.

Who is Kourtney KardashianOkay, so I kind of like Kourtney Kardashian because she uses her Twitter account and official blog to draw attention to charitable causes, but I can’t stand that tool Scott Disick. The celebrity couple are expecting another child. Their oldest son, Mason, is almost 2 already. It is for his sake I am sharing my candid observations of Kourtney’s lifestyle as it relates to romance, baby-making, and blogging.

Being a mom is hard for anyone. Being a celebrity mom can be a nightmare. But, being a co-parent with a man (or woman) who has anger issues, a drinking problem, and likes to throw temper tantrums can be downright miserable.

So what’s the real deal with Kourtney Kardashian starting a celebrity moms blog about herself in role as wife and mother? Is she honestly going to try to put herself forward as an expert mom because she goofed and got pregnant a second time around by a man she really ought to be considering cutting off ties with in the not so distant future?

Scott Disick might love her in his own way and love their child (correction… children), but he is such a handful for her to deal with as a person that he makes himself and conversely her look foolish by acquaintance. He’s always obsessed with himself, his next alcoholic beverage, and seems totally perplexed by trying to figure out the proper time to declare his day happy hour. She’s perpetually trying to talk some sense into him while begging and pleading.

While he might threaten to kick my arse for saying so, she is simply too cute and naive to be wasting her time with somebody so emotionally manipulative and street-savvy.

At-risk children often have parents that are still together but fight all the time. Kris Jenner and Kourtney’s step-father Bruce Jenner seem to get along fine (for the most part) but that does not count. After all, they could just be pretending or have learned to adapt for the benefit of the cameras.

To bring a second child into a dysfunctional family during a time when the first child is old enough to need extra parenting to help them deal with the stress caused by mommy and daddy fighting is socially irresponsible not matter how much money you have.

Rather than starting a money generating mommy and me blog that is likely to consume even more of Kourtney Kardashian’s time and energy, it might be a better time to focus on reaching out to get some AL-ANON type of therapy.

Here are a few pop quizzes Kourtney Kardashian could spend the time to take, courtesy of Al-Anon and Alateen:

While we have not seen a great deal of footage of her famous lawyer father that would let us predict the answers to the questions (because he died before the rise of the Kardashian empire on reality TV), it only takes a few minutes of seeing how she and Scott Disick interact when they are not busy procreating to understand she needs help from someplace outside her famous family.

Because of Scott Disick’s alleged drinking problems and Kourtney Kardashian’s co-dependent behavior with regard to both he and keeping up her family television show ratings, their kids have inherited a bevy of caustic issues to deal with as they mature.

Signs of Alcoholism says, “Alcoholism in the family causes considerable damage. Although each case is unique, alcoholism destroys familial relationships and creates an environment that is chaotic and unstable. Some alcoholic parents emotionally or physically abuse their children while others neglect their children by denying them counseling and nurturing. Most alcoholics behave impulsively. Children are often faced with trying to appease their parent’s moods. They may feel as though it’s their job to “parent” their parents. One minute they may be avoiding an argument and the next they may find themselves consoling a parent who promises that things will be okay. Even though each family is unique, children with an alcoholic parent often feel lonely, depressed, unloved and burdened by secrecy.”

While Scott Disick’s drinking problems are no secret thanks to social media and reality TV — and Kourtney Kardashian playing the obvious victim in their relationship might make her seem weak — it is she who calls all the shots when it comes to how her kids mature.

Will she continue to stay with Disick once the baby is born? Did she have her second child with him simply so her kids are both full blooded siblings? Will she ditch him like yesterdays tabloid magazine once she has the baby and use her mom blog to successfully promote single parenting?

One can only hope — for the children’s sakes — the answer to these questions will be answered in a positive way.

Telling your children you loved their biological parent enough to make babies yet walk away when the relationship got unhealthy is 100% okay in today’s troubled society. While over-sharing with young children can be a problem, taking complex problems apart in context that allows you (as a parent) to break down both what and why something strange in life is happening is healthy.

Continuing to co-parent successfully is paramount to all kids staying happy and healthy. Allowing alcohol-fueled rages, nagging insecurities, plaguing jealousy, binge drinking and power struggles for domination of a family to go on in a home and become a normal part of a child’s everyday life experience? That’s just selfish co-dependency — and bad parenting in the eyes of many.

So what would be more shocking to read — a celebrity moms blog by Kourtney Kardashian that talks about good parenting in terms of providing lavish gifts on a child, having a huge luxury home, and traveling to 5 star resorts around the world with friends and family — or the news she would be willing to split up with her baby daddy to protect her kids from his self admitted bad temper and drinking?

That’s a social issues debate worth discussing within your own families for sure so you know how to advise your own children and grandchildren about what’s normal in a way Kris Jenner hasn’t.

Perhaps Scott and Kourtney’s romance is part of the reason why Barack Obama gets upset with Michelle when she and the girls watch the Kardashians while they are home together at the White House. Even the CDC notes emotional abuse is a form of child abuse when teaching clinicians how to deal with intimate partner violence during pregnancy.

End rant, rhetorically speaking… with a big CALL AL-ANON to Kourtney. She appears to be caught up in a nasty cycle of power and abuse that now involves using her children and desire to maintain the image of a happy family to control her. It does not mean she or anyone else will love those babies any less because he is the dad — but it does mean she and they need even more of everyone’s protection. That’s all I’m saying…

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