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Celebrity Scandal: Mike Tyson tattoo artist suing over Hangover 2 satire

Celebrity Scandal!

Mike Tyson tattoo artist suing Hangover 2 producers?

[Apr. 30]

Artist S. Victor Whitmill, the creator and designer of former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo, is suing Warner Bros. over a similar tattoo design planted on actor Ed Helms’ face in the upcoming movie Hangover 2. In the suit, Whitmill seeks an unspecified amount in damages and seeks also an injunction to block the opening of Hangover 2 over Memorial Day weekend.

Whitmill calls the tattoo design “one of the most distinctive tattoos in the nation,” according to Reuters:

“When Mr. Whitmill created the Original Tattoo, Mr Tyson agreed that Mr. Whitmill would own the artwork and thus, the copyright in the Original Tattoo,” argues the complaint, filed Thursday in federal court in Missouri.

But there is a catch. Mike Tyson appeared in the original Hangover film, and it remains to be seen if the tattoo design (which is not exact) is fair use as a parody, given Tyson’s multiple appearances in the first film. Whitmill has sent pictures of him doing the work on Tyson’s face along with documentation with Tyson’s signature that show Whitmill does in fact own the copyright to the tattoo. But Whitmill didn’t ask for compensation when Tyson appeared in the first Hangover film, so what’s the difference now, even if he owns the copyright?

Warner Bros. has declined to comment, although Warner Bros. did in the past pay out a hefty sum to release The Dukes of Hazzard, when a judge issued an injunction just weeks before, regarding the authorship of the source material involved. Will the same thing happen to Hangover 2?

Royal Wedding Trivia: Threat of rain on parade did not dampen spirits?

Royal Wedding Trivia!

What was the weather like for the parade on Kate and William’s special day?

[Apr. 29]

Londoners are well familiar with rainy days, and the threat of rain looming did not stop the royal wedding revelries at all. Historically, the forecasts showed only a 30% chance of scattered showers the evening before and on the day of the wedding. Rain or shine, people are prepared to handle wet weather in London any day of the years, as were Kate Middleton and Prince William. According to The Royal Forums, the couple was prepared to lead the procession to Buckingham Palace in the Glass Coach, should the weather have turned foul. Bystanders would not have been so lucky if it had rained (of course), but they seemed stoked about the royal wedding parade even if they were worried about a downpour.

American Idol: Crystal Bowersox sings new debut single as guest on Idol?

American Idol!

Crystal Bowersox sings new debut single as guest on Idol?

[Apr. 29]

Crystal Bowersox returned to the stage of American Idol Thursday, April 28, 2011 to sing what may become her newest single, Ridin’ on the Radio too much applause. Bowersox was the runner-up on season 9 of American Idol.

It was a great performance, better than the live VH-1 performance, with a full back-up band, harmonica, and lap steel. She seemed really to open up, now that she’s on her own and has released her debut album, Farmer’s Daughter. Of course, she had every reason to be relaxed, since she returned to the Idol stage without a chance of being voted off.

Now Crystal Bowersox just has to survive the real world of music, and she still needs a real breakthrough hit. Is it possible that Ridin’ on the Radio will become that hit? Nobody knows. But speculation contends that it may be the next debut single to be released, and this writer wouldn’t be surprised if it is. She sings it with power and grace. You can practically see her thoughts as she slips into that dreamy moment of just riding away to nowhere in particular, singing out loud, enjoying creation.