American Idol: Crystal Bowersox sings new debut single as guest on Idol?



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Crystal Bowersox sings new debut single as guest on Idol?

[Apr. 29]

Crystal Bowersox returned to the stage of American Idol Thursday, April 28, 2011 to sing what may become her newest single, Ridin’ on the Radio too much applause. Bowersox was the runner-up on season 9 of American Idol.

It was a great perfromance, better than the live VH-1 perfromance, with a full back-up band, harmonica, and lap steel. She seemed really to open up, now that she’s on her own and has released her debut album, Farmer’s Daughter. Of course, she had every reason to be relaxed, since she returned to the Idol stage without a chance of being voted off.

Now Crystal Bowersox just has to survive the real world of music, and she still needs a real breakthrough hit. Is it possible that Ridin’ on the Radio will become that hit? Nobody knows. But speculation contends that it may be the next debut single to be released, and this writer wouldn’t be surprised if it is. She sings it with power and grace. You can practically see her thoughts as she slips into that dreamy moment of just riding away to nowhere in particular, singing out loud, enjoying creation.

Website advises us of an upcoming charity concert that Crystal Bowersox is holding in Toledo, OH, on May 28, 2011:

Proceeds from the perfromance benefit the students and programs of Toledo School for the Arts. Said Martin Porter, Director of the school at Adams and 14th Streets, “As arts programming is being cut from school curriculum nationally, regionally and locally, it is encouraging to know Crystal wants to help carry us through these challenging times.”

According to an interview on Fox News Toledo (video on YouTube) Crystal Bowersox donated a song to a Coalition of Women on Music compilation CD to raise proceeds for charity long before she was an American Idol contestant. Now this is a green celebrity worthy of note, giving to charity long before she even became a celebrity outside her home base.