Royal Wedding Trivia: Did Prince William have a secret bachelor party?

Royal Wedding Trivia!

Did Prince William have a secret bachelor party the night before he married Kate Middleton?

[Apr. 29]

Rumors swirled the night before the Royal Wedding that Prince William and his wild younger brother might have snuck out to party in downtown London, but most of the gossip about their revelry proved to be historically false. How do we know? Because the night before the nuptials the boys were actually hanging out at a very private dinner party with their father Prince Charles.

The men, who are known to have a pretty raunchy sense of humor in private, were likely having a quiet bachelor send off of their own. The party was likely to have been less like a bachelor party and more like a roast. They were also very likely to have bestowed on Prince William books full of dirty jokes for husbands and bachelor blokes.

Prince Charles is actually very proud of both his sons, and will no doubt be flooded with emotions as he remembers his own wedding to Prince William’s mother Princess Diana. There is no doubt that the Queen — who retired early to allow the boys to have some garish fun — is also having some bittersweet moments, as Charles married Diana at her provocation.

And we all know how that arranged marriage ended…

The queen also arranged the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

And we all know how that is continuing to end, as Sarah Ferguson has actually been banned from the wedding nuptials.

Hopefully the Queen has learned that while with Royalty comes responsibility, with marriage also must come true love, compatibility, and a warm heart.

Kate Middleton might be a commoner, but Prince William is extremely lucky to have met her. For the celebrity couple to have fallen in love, to have courted, to have lived a relatively normal life together as a live in romance since college, and to have together made the decision it is time to get married after this long shows that the future King of England is both devoted to the relationship, able to self advocate in a polite way, and headstrong.

What could be a more royal personality, ready to be loved by all his future subjects in the 21st century?

Cheers to Kate and William for having a Royal Wedding now — to the Queen for giving her royal blessing — and to England for sharing the joy of watching the Royal Family grow with us all.