Royal Wedding Trivia: Kate and William rank higher than God in searches?



Royal Wedding Trivia!

Kate and William rank higher than God in searches on Google during Royal Wedding week?

[Apr. 28]

You might ask yourself what’s more important in your life: a good job, fair health, the love of family and friends. Or the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. You may like to think that, in the United States, people would be paying more attention to the economy, the state of our government, or the decline of health care and education. But Google is showing that searches about the royal wedding have surpassed even God, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to type in a few keywords to Google and turn up a result. Doing searches doesn’t necessarily mean that people are more interested in the royal wedding than they are interested in, say, a home loan. Nevertheless, the searches themselves are telling. If nothing else, they suggest there is enough media attention on the royal wedding to pique curiosity enough to do a cursory search for the terms. Not even Justin Bieber is as popular this week.

Certainly there is a whole army of media ready to cover the internationally recognized event. The major U.S. networks will be there, including ABC, Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, and more. “An estimated two billion TV viewers will see all or part of the coverage of Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey,” says The Wall Street Journal.

From the Wall Street Journal offers an interesting comparison:

CNN alone will have a team of roughly 125 reporters, cameramen and crew assigned to the wedding. The network has 50 people on the ground working on the breaking news in Japan, plus others scattered in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Ten cameras will be stationed around Buckingham Palace to capture the day’s money shot—the royal family assembling on the balcony as Prince William and his bride share a kiss.

CNN and other sites like Hulu and YouTube will also offer live stream coverage of much of the royal wedding and procession along the parade route, if not all. Chances are it will all settle down after tomorrow, so if you want to see your Kate Middleton and Prince William royal romance, now is the time to get ready.