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X Factor: Shocking rumors leak why Simon Cowell gave Cheryl Cole the axe early?

X Factor!

Rumors leak Simon Cowell gave Cheryl Cole the axe early?

[May 31]

Simon Cowell, American Idol winner of the meanest celebrity judge award, might be involved with the firing of Cheryl Cole from his new show X Factor — or not. Rumors are swirling thanks to a variety of conflicting entertainment journals reporting that Simon Cowell fancies himself a Donald Trump reality show type, just waiting for his moment in the spotlight to say, “You’re FIRED!” and others that say the outwardly cold-hearted but secretly warm and fuzzy teddy bear was taken by surprise when Cheryl Cole was told — not so politely – that as a new reality televisio

Celebrity OOPS: Snooki from Jersey Shore wrecked Italian police cruiser?

Celebrity OOPS!

Jersey Shore Snooki fender bender with police cruiser in Italy makes worldwide headline news?

[May 31]

Wrecked exotic… location! Publicity stunt of not, the littlest Jersey Shore reality television cast member got in a celebrity OOPS fender bender Memorial Day Weekend while out celebrating like an American while pretending to be European Italian. Snooki, America’s favorite half pint Guidette, was in Italy over the holiday weekend while being filmed for the MTV reality TV series Jersey Shore. That was when the car crash bang boom fireworks allegedly happened.

The Washington Press reports:

According to People magazine, Deena Nicole Cortese and a member of the show’s production team were also in the crash, during which Snooki ran into the back of a police patrol car that was supposed to act as an escort to protect the group’s personal safety. MTV released a statement Monday that said alcohol was not a factor and no one was arrested or seriously injured as a result of the incident.

Snooki is world famous now for her foul mouth, binge drinking habits, and for essentially making Italian-American people all a bit embarrassed with her claim she is one of their clan.

Even the real Italians are embarrassed to see how all of the Jersey Shore cast members have been dressing and acting while on location filming in Italy. More than one person comes forward every day to say, “That is not how real Italian people look or act.”

Having tried the Cookie Diet, celebrity diets, and every different kind of health and fitness regime to make herself more attractive, poor little Snooki — at 4 foot 11 inches tall — is doomed by bad genetics.

What makes the little woman act like she is so big, hairy and scary?

Likely, she is from a bad family with poor manners and she has an inferiority complex bigger than all the poof hairdos over the year she has worn stacked together.

But what about the car accident and the real story behind the rumors that the celebrity car wreck happened?

Pet friendly celebrity Jennifer Aniston lost dog best friend to old age?

Pet Friendly Celebrities!

Jennifer Aniston loses best friend dog Norman to old age?

[May 29]

Actress Jennifer Aniston has lost her best friend, Norman, to old age. Who was he? A Welsh corgi-terrier mix that had lived in the lap of luxury with the former Friends television series star since he was just a young pup. Norman, as a small dog, lived a long life. He died at age 15 a few weeks ago Aniston’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE. The cause of death was not released other than to say he was, “an old dog and it was just his time.” Over the years, Jennifer Aniston had brought her dog Norman everywhere with her, and described her well-mannered but sometimes spoiled canine pal as a quiet canine who enjoyed resting at her feet. The news Jennifer Aniston’s dog died was so big, even CNN covered the entertainment news bit. Why? Because when Jennifer Aniston starred in the movie Marley And Me with co-star Owen Wilson, she struck a chord with so many dog lovers hearts that she will forever be remembered as a pet friendly celeb.