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Royal Wedding Trivia: Why did Kate and William turn down wedding gifts?

Royal Wedding Trivia!

Why did Kate and William turn down wedding gifts?

[May 1]

For the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince William and his bride-to-be ask that well-wishers consider a donation to charity in lieu of gifts. They support 26 different charities that the prince and his bride-to-be believe account for their passions and interests and experiences in their lives together so far.

The Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund (also called the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund) is a non-profit organization dedicating to helping the poor, to improve the lives of children, and more. Well-wishers may choose one of five broad areas for their charitable donations, and they may specify a preference if they like. Donates will be distributed according to the needs of the charities involved, the intents of well-wishers, and the funds available, all as determined by a board of trustees.

The fund is focused on five charities in particular chosen by the couple, Reuters reports, however there are 26 charities supported in all, and donations to any one of them will be much appreciated by the couple, who want to support the poor, relief in nations plagued by disasters, environmental sustainability, green conservation, and more.