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Royal Wedding Trivia: Did Prince William have a secret bachelor party?

Royal Wedding Trivia! Rumors swirled the night before the Royal Wedding that Prince William and his wild younger brother might have snuck out to party in downtown London, but most of the gossip about their revelry proved to be historically false. How do we know? Because the night before the nuptials the boys were actually hanging out at a very private dinner party with their father Prince Charles. The men, who are known to have a pretty raunchy sense of humor in private, were likely having a quiet bachelor send off of their own. Keep reading…

Royal Wedding Trivia: Kate and William rank higher than God in searches?

Royal Wedding Trivia!

Kate and William rank higher than God in searches on Google during Royal Wedding week?

[Apr. 28]

You might ask yourself what’s more important in your life: a good job, fair health, the love of family and friends. Or the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. You may like to think that, in the United States, people would be paying more attention to the economy, the state of our government, or the decline of health care and education. But Google is showing that searches about the royal wedding have surpassed even God, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to type in a few keywords to Google and turn up a result. Doing searches doesn’t necessarily mean that people are more interested in the royal wedding than they are interested in, say, a home loan. Nevertheless, the searches themselves are telling. If nothing else, they suggest there is enough media attention on the royal wedding to pique curiosity enough to do a cursory search for the terms. Not even Justin Bieber is as popular this week.

Certainly there is a whole army of media ready to cover the internationally recognized event. The major U.S. networks will be there, including ABC, Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, and more. “An estimated two billion TV viewers will see all or part of the coverage of Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey,” says The Wall Street Journal.

American Idol 2011: Why did singer Casey Abrams get sent home, really?

American Idol 2011!

Why did singer Casey Abrams get sent home, really?

Casey Abrams was voted off American Idol on April 28th, 2011 with judges saying that he was great but fans feeling like he might have been just a little bit too funky to win the title of American Idol. But do they have any questions about his talent? Nosiree. They think he’s a musician of note and believe that he’ll go far, possibly bringing jazz back into modern pop music culture. Just not THIS season.

This author would welcome the change. Casey Abrams himself has said that he wants to make jazz cool again, with influences like James Taylor, Ray Charles, and even Frank Sinatra, one of the hippest cats to ever grace a stage. But that just wasn’t enough for the judges or the audience, and so it’s goodbye to Casey Abrams.

But if being voted off American Idol, broke Abrams’ spirit at all, he certainly didn’t let it show. He sang “I Put a Spell on You” as his departure song, almost as if he had known he’d be voted off sooner or later but also knew he’d already hooked America on his style and presentation. He hugged the judges over the desk on his way out, singing as he went, and kissed and hugged ladies in the audience while he left.

Funny enough, he looked relieved and actually for the first time singing relaxed.

Even though he didn’t win — surely as disappointing a departure as that of former contestant and a judges favorite, Pia Toscano — the judges have no doubt that Casey Abrams is a rising star, and Casey, for all it’s worth seems to be just as certain, with a cool confidence that harbors no pretense about his abilities.