Not Winning: Charlie Sheen Torpedo of Truth show bombed in New York City



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Not Winning: Disgraced actor Charlie Sheen booed of stage in New York City?

[Apr. 9]

Charlie Sheen isn’t making many friends these days, and the former star of Two and a Half Men, and once the highest paid actor in television history, seems not to be winning and in fact seems to be losing audience numbers as he tours the nation with his live stage tour, most recently in New York City at Radio City Music Hall.

Sheen, dressed in a New York Yankees cap and shirt, (and probably full of tiger blood) was met with a semi-standing ovation at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, says TMZ, but the show quickly turned sour as Charlie sheen did little more than rant and tell stories about his drug and alcohol addictions war stories, without any of the fun details thrown in about him wanting to keep the party rolling.

Previous shows Charlie Sheen put on in Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus met with standing ovations, but the New York City debut shut down about 30 minutes ahead of one Ohio show.

Gossip Cop confirms:

The former “Two and a Half Men” star was slated to perfrom for about 75 minutes at the famed Radio City Music Hall, but after just 45 minutes Sheen walked off the stage amidst heckling and boos, according to audience members.

Sheen started his “Torpedo of Truth” tour disastrously in Detroit, but then bounced back for his shows in Chicago and Cleveland. However, New York’s “Torpedo” show, by most accounts, bombed.

A few fans were thrown out of the New York show at Radio City Music Hall, some heckling Generation X actor and party animal urban legend Charlie Sheen when he said he had quit using drugs. [Yep, it really was a tough crowd in NYC.]

While a No Heckling sign had been posted in the lobby of Radio City Music Hall, it didn’t seem to stop the crowd, most of whom were drinking alcohol (full of tiger blood?) and who “read the sign, pointed at the sign, laughed at the sign, posed for pictures with the sign, and then, promptly, ignored the sign. After all, they were there to see Charlie Sheen,” according to Willa Paskin of New York Magazine.

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

The most interesting thing Sheen did onstage was throw down the gauntlet to his former Two and a Half Men boss, Chuck Lorre. Near the close of the show, when asked if he wanted his old job back, Sheen said, “Of course, I want my job back, so you guys can keep watching the best f**king sitcom in the world!”

Charlie Sheen has been trying to make himself a green celebrity in the aftermath of Two and a Half Men, donating a dollar to the Japan tsunami relief effort for every ticket sold for his tour, which he calls My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option. The struggling actor,. who is not exactly winning, certainly is hurting for work these days, so it’s nice to see that Charlie Sheen is still green celebrity enough to want to help out the victims.

Or is winning Charlie Sheen not a green celebrity at all and just looking for a way to please any crowd that will hear him? He thought the debut of his show in Detroit would be met well from the Motor City crowd as he told stories of crack cocaine use and general drug and alcohol abuse, but tiger blood or not, he was booed off stage there. New York City has been marginally more successful, but not by much.

Can Charlie get this experiment winning for future shows and present another show worth seeing? Some fans hope so.

Including us here at Green Celebrity Network.

Don’t make us sorry, Charlie…