Celebrity Teens: Everything fine at home for Miley Cyrus but not in USA?



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Miley Cyrus says everything is fine at home but not in the USA?

[Apr. 19]

Green celebrity and Disney princess Miley Cyrus has been the source of a good deal of drama lately, and we don’t mean in terms of her Hannah Montana character. Last October, her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Trish Cyrus, were talking divorce, in December there were some issues between Billy Ray and Miley about her partying (SNL bong sketch, anyone?), and earlier this year father Billy Ray Cyrus was talking to GQ about the effect of celebrity on poor Miley. But Miley Cyrus says everything is fine now.


[Which, of course the general public knows means freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional — but who are we to judge? Miley says everything at home is good in her family life and that is all there is to it.]

On Monday April 19, 2011 — Disney princess Chelsea Kane donned some Britney Spears type ultra low cut fringe pants, dressed like an American flag, and danced one of the best Samba dances with dance partner Mark Ballas the Dancing With The Stars television series has ever seen. The song — played as a cover tune by the DWTS band on American theme night? Party In the USA by none other than fellow celebrity teen star Miley Cyrus.

[NOTE: Chelsea Kane’s sexy rendition was received much better than Miley Cyrus version at the Teen Choice awards, opting for patriotic rather than trailer park sleezy (even though Mark Ballas was dressed as a blue collar worker with tattoos, mechanics pants, a chain belt, and grease on his arms to make him look dirty). As the dance was so awesome, fans of the show are rooting for Chelsea and Mark to win; parents on the other hand were outraged Miley Cyrus did sexy dance moves in fornt of kids while wearing high heels and hot pants. Since Brazilian Samba is supposed to be a party dance, we suppose that made the awesome spectacle of Chelsea a bit more okay?]

Miley is working on her international Gypsy Heart Tour beginning April 27 across South America and Australia. She has said she feels more at ease now about heading out on the tour since family life has gotten a little more stable. Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus have called off the divorce and Miley has assured daddy that her celebrity lifestyle has not changed her for the worse.

NBC reports:

“I think it’s good, especially when you go on the road,” [Miley Cyrus] said. You have to make sure everyone is happy before you start traveling, you’re away. My family is good. They are stoked for tour. As long as I’m happy they are happy.”

Trish Cyrus has been feeling better as well, having taken to Facebook, according to Monsters and Critics, to thank all the fans for their support and encouragement. She said the family had gotten through a tough part of their lives, but all of them are the better for it. And the website reports that a source told People that Miley has been especially better since her parents called off the divorce in March.

‘Miley seems happier and more relaxed in the past few days,’ the source said. ‘When Tish is having a hard time, Miley spends more time with her. Now [that] the divorce is called off, Tish is doing better and Miley is getting her life back.’

It’s good news for the star who will be touring South America and Australia on her Gypsy Heart Tour here in a couple of weeks. While she won’t be touring the U.S. because she claims the USA citizens are (essentially) haters, fans at least can be sure that Miley is doing better and will be on top of her game. They can look forward to a happier green celebrity once she’s more comfortable perfroming for a U.S. audience again.