Justin Bieber fans Birthday song to Biebs a priceless gift for charity?

Justin Bieber trivia! Did you know that Justin Bieber has millions of fans worldwide who follow his every move. Whether he’s singing to a sold out crowd at a large stadium, he’s horsing around making a special guest appearance on television on a talk show like Ellen or clowning around on SNL, they are out there following his every move on Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, they are also paying attention when the Biebs is volunteering time or making big donations to charity. Now, one of his fan clubs wants to give something back to the world in the name of the star. They are making a new music video of a song they will be donating proceeds from to charity to help celebrate his celebrity birthday.

Justin Bieber Birthday SongHumanitarian singer Justin Bieber is well-known for his generous financial gifts to charities large and small. He’s helped out charity benefit causes like supporting troubled teens and the need to help feed impoverished families by making donations to food banks. Now a fan group has taken steps to give back in their own way, honoring Justin Bieber by singing him a new birthday tune as a gift in the process.

Justin Crew, a fan club operated by a young fan named Vivian, intends to work with two other non-profit organizations to produce a song and video charity single. Vivian broached the idea on Twitter and got a lot of encouragement, so the young humanitarian took up a leadership position and decided to

Vivian contacted Together We Rise for some guidance on how to get the project going. Together We Rise is a non-profit organization serving foster kids in the U.S., and they’ve received some recognition from Bieber before. According to MTV, the Together We Rise CEO Danny Mendoza decided to do more than just give some sage advice. He decided to do a little giving back of his own.

“We just decided we’ll help you do it. Justin Bieber had tweeted about us in the past and helped us get some recognition, so it was a thank-you to him as well.”

The group is joined by Brush Buddies, a company that markets singing toothbrushes with a character treat to make brushing fun. Beginning in 2011, Brush Buddies began partnering with Bieber to design a line of toothbrushes and accessories with a Justin Bieber theme, to appeal to older kids. The brushes sing “Baby”, “U Smile”, “Love Me'”, and “Somebody to Love” for two minutes.

That’s some serious fandom, and the Justin Crew fan group is looking to give back just as much. In addition to helping raise money for Bieber’s Believe charity drive, the group intends to have the song and video ready by March, in time for Justin’s birthday on March 1. So it’s altruistic and a great way to show the star celeb just how much he means to his fans.

BSC Kids says:

Justin has some great fans. The fact that they want to give him a thank you gift and give back to his charity. That is beyond amazing and proves that his fans will do anything that they can.

Yep. And the young humanitarian has them pointed in the right direction. But don’t expect the song they sing to be Happy Birthday Baby or some other ‘Birthing Biebs’ ballad. The song lyrics and video theme details (other than that) have not been released.