Kim Kardashian celebrity stalker hoping for a job on reality TV?

Celebrity stalkers are scary. That is no strange news. But when an overzealous fan came after reality television star Kim Kardashian, she really thought he may have been fixated on her as a love interest. But was the man really just trying to land a gig on her hit television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Kim and Kourtney Take New York? Like Lindsay’s Lohan’s delusional stalker, he has been chasing the lovely Kim K… but for better reasons than he. This guy claims he was camped out by her celebrity home like a tabloid media journalist waiting for a celebrity interview. But, unlike the paparazzi who want to ask her questions about her life and famous family, apparently he was hoping she would ask him questions about himself during a job interview.

Kim Kardashian got a visit over the weekend from a man who wanted to stay in her home and work on her reality television show — but it wasn’t soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries. Extra reported TMZ broken the news that a stranger showed up with luggage outside her Beverly Hills home, claiming Kardashian had flown him out to California to live with her and work on one of her reality television shows. Really, man? Seriously? Because if she orchestrated this whole fiasco to up her own celebrity status and increase her TV ratings then this whole thing is more sad than strange news (or funny).

The celebrity stalker buzzed security at the gate and explained his visit to security, who rightly denied him. But he wouldn’t leave, and Kim freaked. visit to Children’s Hospital in LA just another press op?” href=””>Kim Kardashian may be a humanitarian, but one can’t exactly blame her for not inviting a perfect stranger to her home. Her personal security team contacted police and the man was taken away. Now TMZ reports police have said the man seemed genuinely confused about the rejection and really thought he was supposed to be there. He has been warned with an order to stay away from the home, but there is no word on whether any other charges were filed.

Police haven’t said whether the strange visitor is mentally ill or whether he is the victim of a cruel joke. But apparently the man was confused enough to seem believable and cooperative enough to get off with a warning. Not so with 64-year-old Lonnie Short, who was arrested and jailed on $1,000 bond for showing up at the home of Disney princess Lindsay Lohan, insisting he had to speak with the star celeb earlier this month.

In the world of celebrity stalkers, maybe Kim Kardashian just comes across as the kind of humanitarian who might have a job for a guy down on his luck? Even though Kim has been kind enough to give the clothes off her back to strangers for charity, through programs like the Dream Foundation and Soles4Souls, she’s not exactly into inviting strangers to live in her home.

Sometimes a star celeb can be so nice that fans start to think they know the stars personally. It can make a celeb shy away from public charity events, which could impact humanitarian efforts. Hopefully the recent run-in won’t make her shy away from celebrity giving and appearances.