Celebrity Rehab: Matthew Perry plans vacation retreat with sober friends

Celebrity Rehab!

Former Friends star turned movie actor Matthew Perry taking a sober retreat away from Hollywood?

[May 12]

Continue to make fun without you? How will we ever be able to do that, Matthew Perry — especially if every time you make a public announcement about your struggles with addictions you do so in such a way that you make yourself into a green celebrity role model? Your actions speak louder than funny words, my friend…

TMZ is reporting that actor Matthew Perry is taking a month-long break from the Hollywood movie production scene to retreat and reflect on his life, times, and sobriety.

Once and addict or alcoholic, always and addict or alcoholic they say — making recovering addicts and alcoholics vulnerable to relapse for a lifetime.

To avert self-indulgent disasters, those serious about staying clean do things like attend regular meetings with sober friends from AA and NA and do things like take spiritual retreats to look back, reflect, and exercise any remaining demons.

[Snake charmers and those peddling potions of the highest order never welcome.]

Which brings us back to the topic of the Friends co-star, who used to work with actress Courtney Cox and actress Jennifer Aniston on a regular basis (the lucky man). Did those two happy harlots drive him to drink like a man? More likely Aniston, a heavy pot smoker and wine drinker, simply kept him enabled (or supplied) better than a drive through liquor stand.

Matthew Perry — who was brilliant along side actor Bruce Willis and actress Amanda Peet in the big screen movie The Whole Ten Yards and as the adult version of Zac Efron in 17 Again — recently landed a new television gig playing the lead on Mr. Sunshine on ABC.

Was the pressure of being a big dog in Hollywood getting too tough for the sweet-faced star? Born in Williamstown, Massachusetts he would be biologically predisposed to being a party boy like every other neighborhood kid on the block… so the big question on everyone’s mind is did Matthew Perry succumb to peer pressure from hard partying social circles in Hollywood or revert to the tendencies of a regular Joe from New England to have a few cold ones with his buddies at night after work or watching sports on the big screen TV at home?

Who knows.

Whatever the case, we wish Matthew Perry rest, relaxation, peace, and good luck with your journey of the soul — and hope that the broken piece you have inside mends so you can head back to Hollywood expediently to go on with the show.