Rupert Murdoch creamed with pie, waffles on tabloid wire tap answers?



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Rupert Murdoch creamed with pie, waffles on tabloid wire tap answers in front of British Parliament?

[Jul. 19]

In a stunning turn of events, media mogul Rupert Murdoch was actually struck in the face with what appeared to be a shaving cream pie while he was busy waffling about tabloid gossip answers about his knowledge of wire tapping by members of his press corp. Accused of allowing or turning a blind eye to paparazzi wire tapping, Murdoch has seen his entire publishing empire suffer. His claims that the organization News of the World was only one percent of his business — so not something he paid much attention to did not seem to be the right answer in front of Parliament. His remarks did show a level of remorse and share as the 80-year-old man seemed humbled — but his son, who was in charge of the publication that has been closed as a result of the scandal after being a media outlet in operation for 168 years — was nothing short of arrogant (although he tried to guise it).

As an attacker — sans clown makeup but sporting pie — leaped from the audience to smack Rupert Murdock in the face with a pie — the crowd was shocked. His son jumped to help his father avoid being doused in white and the celebrity senior’s wife moved to strike the assailant with an open hand slap (a move that felt right).

What was more shameful — that a person would disrespect Parliament and Parliamentary process by smacking someone who was giving testimony in the face with a pie or that Rupert Murdoch (as the head of a major media and publishing house) would be asked to resign?

Bottom line, whatever the outcome the senior citizen was embarrassed publicly but not physically harmed when Rupert Murdock was attacked while testifying in front of Parliament.

One might suggest that Parliament could ask those court ordered to testify in front of them to do so from a seat perched above a dunk tank to get more clear and direct answers less filled with the waffles remarks they received from the Murdoch family today, but that’s a different story.