President Obama uncle arrested for DUI, then detained as illegal alien?

Celebrity Mugshot Obama UncleUnited States President Barack Obama is dealing with a publicity nightmare related to his family this week as his Kenyan uncle has been arrested for DUI and subsequently detained by Immigration Services as an illegal alien.

The Obama uncle story is funny in a tragic sense.

WBFF Fox Baltimore reports, “President Barack Obama’s uncle has been charged with drunken driving in Massachusetts and is being held by immigration officials… Onyango Obama was arrested last week in Framingham after police said he made a rolling stop and nearly caused a cruiser to strike his SUV.”

Thinking the Kenyan man was joking, police officials say that when they offered the man his token phone call, Obama said: “I think I will call the White House.”

While the green celebrity Democratic leader might hope to suppress the funny news that his name was dropped by a family member during an allegedly intoxicated time of need, he is likely not going to be so lucky. Following the Hip Hop BBQ incident when Obama‘s celebrity friends were doing the electric slide dance while celebrating the Baby Boomer’s 50th birthday at the White House (while Wall Street crashed), the president and his family have been under close scrutiny.

“A spokesman for Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong, who is representing him, confirmed that the 67-year-old is the president’s uncle…” says the news station.

Further confirming reports that the president’s uncle is living here in the United States illegally, sources have confirmed to various news channels that Onyango Obama is in fact the brother of Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s relative from Boston who beat a deportation court order last year.

Now, “Police say the president’s uncle is originally from Kenya and is being held without bail on a detainer from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement…” leaving the president’s supporters wondering about the right way to spin the publicity angle about the arrest (shy of burying the Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Busted for DUI (Mugshot) story).

One theory is that Obama could win favor with those who hope to provide safe haven for all illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States should they elect to go public and begin paying taxes to the US government. By referencing his own family member’s fight to become United States citizens, he could glaze over the arrest and instead focus on those citizens facing deportation who could otherwise become tax paying citizens.

Another idea is to have the secret service begin providing designated driver taxi services to drunken family members to avoid more celebrity mugshots making their way to the press — regardless of the accused family member’s country of origin.

It all boils down to politics and whether or not Americans will hold the president morally responsible for a drunken uncle he may or may not have ever met.