Gay kiss scandal kept Robert Pattinson away from Taylor Lautner at VMAs?

Is Taylor Lautner Gay? That was the question of the decade after Twilight movie star Robert Pattinson planted a bit wet kiss right on the mouth of his Vampire vs. Werewolf romance movie co-star. When those two star celebs go anywhere, there are always a million paparazzi cameras around. If they are homosexuals and carrying on a torrid celebrity teen love affair, it does not seem to bother pal Kristen Stewart. She is RPatz girlfriend after all, so if he’s really got the hots for young Taylor Lautner, shouldn’t she be worried about it by now?

twilight gay kiss rumorsTwilight movie actor Taylor Lautner made a special guest host appearance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards but he was not able to top the MTV Movie Awards kiss from Robert Pattinson. Star celebs filled the stage and the audience of annual gala, including the very popular teen idol. Everyone’s favorite Werewolf from the Twilight movie series — the handsome young star looked positively heterosexual in front of the cameras on VMA stage standing beside awards presenter Selena Gomez (Disney princess and current girlfriend of pop music sensation Justin Bieber).

Gather celebs reported rumors were circulating Lautner is gay, “after celebrity friend Robert Pattinson kissed him square on the mouth at the MTV Movie Awards earlier in the year.” At the time, Pattinson said his alleged “friend” would appreciate the smooch more than girlfriend Kristen Stewart. It was a decision that to this day remains questionable from a publicity angle for the otherwise wildly successful promotion of the teenage vampire franchise.

Due to the enormous amount of negative press the gay kiss generated for the Twilight movie franchise, Taylor Lautner made his very public appearance at the VMAs seem tame said the website.

Ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift gave him a shout out on stage to remind people she used to date him. He was also very clear to appear without his “posse” [not appearing with platonic friend Kristen Stewart to chaperone his animated pal Robert Pattinson, the man who always seems to keep him smiling and laughing whenever they are together].

The question of whether or not Taylor Lautner is gay has upset and confused many teenage fans with some loyal advocates claiming that Lautner and Pattinson are just good buddies. Others swear they know the kiss was a joke because RPatz is living with girlfriend KStew.

However, those people who are truly LGBT and their families are a bit offended.


Because the further Lautner distances himself from the RPatz kiss and related celebrity scandal, the less likely it seems that the prank will end up being anything meaningful that could help gay and lesbian teens feel like it is okay to love who they love or to confidently come out of the closet.

Twilight fans who fail to recognize that whether or not he is gay should not make him any less loveable as a teen scene idol — or make him less of a person — have missed the point of the debate.

Parents of Twi-hard fans who are upset by the kiss between the two young actors should be far more upset about the upcoming sex scenes between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight movie series.

The sex scenes in the upcoming film are already rumored to be quite graphic and younger ‘tweens and teens will undoubtedly be influenced into believing that teen romance that leads to bedroom scenes (rather than public displays of affection) should be the norm.

Why would kissing a boy versus sleeping with a young girl be more scandalous? Who knows.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. With a new action adventure movie starring Taylor Lautner coming out plus one more big Twilight movie to promote, it is not likely we’ll see a great deal of romantic affection between Lautner and Pattinson. Right or wrong, Stewart is likely to be featured more prominently in the public eye as RPatz love interest to protect the “image” and reputation of the hot younger actor.

That may be one more reason why the celebrity power couples failed to appear at the fun VMA event together and why star celebs gossip reports all seem to indicate that RPatz and KStew are focusing on spending their free time in isolation together.