Barack and Michelle Obama hit local pumpkin patch before Halloween

Pumpkin carving stencils feature Barack and Michelle Obama for HalloweenHalloween is an exciting time of year for children of all ages. Even celebrity couple parents have a blast shopping for goodies and treats that include more than costumes and sweets. In a year where local farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast had a tough time growing pumpkins thanks to all thee rain dropped on the terrain by Hurricane Irene, the president and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama are doing what it takes to help promote families visit their local growers to pick up pumpkins and gourds to carve into silly and spooky faces for the haunted evening.

CBS News reports, “There was more [fun] banter as the Obamas stopped at a roadside farmer’s market in Hampton. Standing near a sign promoting “Pumpkin Patch Open Hayrides,” the couple shopped for seasonal offerings.”

According to the news agency,

The president told the market owners, “You know Michelle does a good job promoting produce. She tries to get everyone to eat their vegetables.” Mrs. Obama hefted a gigantic white pumpkin on to a metal cart. The market owner estimated the big gourd weighed 70 pounds.”

“Don’t hurt yourself,” cautioned the president. As Mrs. Obama loaded another pumpkin, he asked, “how many are you going to buy?” No more, she said, adding, “we’ll have enough trouble getting these back.”

Obama indicated the pumpkins destined to become Halloween decorations would be stored safely in the back of the bus for the duration of the ride home. Their luxury bus has been affectionately dubbed “Ground Force One” by both staff and media, an allusion to the “Air Force One” plane he typically travels across the country tucked safely away inside.

According to the president, the pumpkins will be displayed at the front door to the White House — and it is likely daughters Sasha and Maliah will have a part in both carving and designing say Washingtonian insiders who claim they know the famous family.