Celebrity Kids: Schwarzenegger love child pulled from school graduation

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Arnold Schwarzenegger love child pulled from middle school graduation?

[Jun. 5]

Okay, folks… we have to say this news about a celebrity child is a bit disturbing. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world found out, is the not so proud father of a love child with his long term mistress Mildred Baena. Baena, as is common knowledge now, was the root cause of Arnold and Maria Shriver splitting up, as Shriver (rightfully) went ballistic when she finally figured out the Hollywood actor’s housekeeper had been doing far more than floors and windows for her action adventure movie star husband for the past twenty years. When the media found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor of the great state of California, had been less that truthful about being a dedicated and devoted family man and was more like a rooster keeping chicks with different mothers in his luxury mansion hen-house, the Paparazzi photographers went nuts trying to capture photos of Arnold with his new kid. That’s when the problems started for Mildred Baena and her family — as she is the mother of several young children including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son. Hounded relentlessly by the press for her dirty deeds, Baena has *cough* left the employment of Maria Shriver. What’s more, rather than Arnold and his son doing the right thing and coming out to the press together to celebrate the sad news he was unfaithful but the good news that we hope Arnold Schwarzenegger is proud to welcome his illegitimate child to the family and offer the boy his real birthright as his son, Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger have chosen to sequester the boy. More than keeping him out of the spotlight standing at the right hand of celebrity daddy Arnold, Mildred even pulled her son out of his middle school graduation — refusing to allow him to attend the public event with his school classmates or to have both his mother and his father offer him the respect the child deserved by honoring his hard work during middle school years.

The entertainment journal TMZ had staff quietly at the event and offered the following account of the love child being pulled for middle school graduation. They write:

Sources close to Mildred Baena tell TMZ, she pulled her 14-year-old son out of school last month — soon after the story broke that Arnold was his real father.

According to sources, photographers had started to camp outside the Bakersfield middle school where Arnold’s son was a student — and Mildred decided to yank him out … to protect him from the media.

His graduation ceremony took place Friday morning — and his name was even on the program — but we’re told he wasn’t present … because the family didn’t want him parading around in public.

So why wasn’t the ex Governator of California there with mistress Mildred Baena the way he would have attended a middle school or high school graduation with estranged wife Maria Shriver to support their own children? TMZ reports, “We’re told the family desperately wants the whole scandal to blow over ASAP — so their lives can return to normal.”

In this writer’s humble opinion, the longer the Baena family chooses to duck and cover, the longer the paparazzi will fixate upon the child. Bottom line, if Mildred Baena did not want public attention or invasion of privacy by the media, she should have considered keeping her legs together — or at the very least bothered to use protection — before sleeping with a very well liked and popular media figure’s movie star husband (a woman who trusted her explicitly as a friend and family care giver).

Just sayin’… because after all, for a young boy to find out that the Terminator is his real father has got to have an element of cool surprise with it. Mix with it the very real fact the boy is likely to grow up strong and tall and with great genetics, once he turns 18 in Hollywood he will be likely to have the ability to write his own ticket when it comes to getting involved in action adventure films himself in addition to being eligible to inherit a small fortune in trust fund money from his celebrity dad.

For that very real reason, love child or not, the boy — if personable and media savvy — will be able to create a nice life for himself, not ending up as someone’s pool boy or lawn service worker once he matures, as college now will most likely be paid for in full and any school Arnold chooses to speak with on his behalf will be likely to accept him as a celebrity kid.

After all, Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger are on trial in the public venue for their poor life choices. Not him. He is simply a happy accident who deserves to be loved and treated well by both his parents and step-parents with siblings in the mix.