How tall is Megan Fox: Height and weight reveal eating disorder?

Culture of Hollywood Celebrities! Pet friendly actress Megan Fox is wasting away — do height and weight proportions reveal an eating disorder?

Inside sources who have worked with Fox on Movie sets say the actress is such a difficult person to feed and that she eats so little by choice, that it is likely she’s developing an eating disorder. Does the Hollywood starlet having bulimia and being a role model bordering on anorexia (like sources say), mean she is empowered or in crisis?

How tall is Gen Y actress Megan Fox — and more importantly, how much does she weigh? The 5’4″ Hollywood starlet is struggling to keep her body weight up to a healthy proportion, and rumor is it is not just due to a high metabolism.

The general feeling is she has become super self-conscious since starting her modeling contract with Armani to replace size zero Victoria Beckham to help sell the designer underwear. There is speculation she is now, in 2011, addicted to he endorphin rush caused by starvation.

The entertainment journals all say she chases each few bites of food she eats with a shot of vinegar to help her shed even more pounds.

They also note that Megan — at her age — should be developing rounder curves, not reverting to a pre-pubescent from.

Megan Fox has a normal body type. [Had.]

Without dieting, she keeps an hourglass figure on her own.

Granted, her figure shape is partially due to breast enhancements she had as a teen.

While plastic surgery has helped Megan Fox shape her breasts, tummy, read end, and thighs, she still is not too fine boned, and she does not have a heavy skeletal structure.

Celebrity gossip sites are reporting the skinny actress was fired (in part) from her role on TRANSFORMERS 3 by Michael Bay for shedding way too many pounds since she took the job as an Armani underwear model.

Victoria Beckham — the celebrity Megan Fox replaced in the Italian designers advertising campaign — struggles to keep her weight up to a size 0.

However, she has an excuse, as she is smaller that Fox in height and bone structure — and does, in fact have that high metabolism that keeps her rail thin no matter how much she eats. [Angelina Jolie is struggling with the same problem, and now that she has hit 30 and the baby fat and baby weight gain has come off she must force herself to eat more — not less — to avoid looking skeletal.]

How much does Megan Fox weigh?

It is important to note that Megan Fox had the photos seen here taken by Armani before she started dieting intentionally this past year.

Fox, without dieting, has the height and frame to weigh 120-130 lbs and still be ultra-thin. However, in the past two years she’s gone from an almost too skinny 120 – 125 lbs and a size 4-6 down to closer to 90 – 100 lbs and is now wearing a size 0-2. She’s even bragging that her waist is not 22 inches — it is actually only 18 inches.

Fox claims is she eats once a day, it’s a lot. She’s also never admitted any fondness for food. Fox also relies on starvation diets, fasting, to give herself thin curves rather than trying to keep her nice shape by health and fitness workouts.

In the culture of Hollywood celebrities, which tends to emphasize thin, Thin, THIN, her personality, eating habits. and fitness routines are a recipe for disaster.

The news she’s fighting perhaps the battle of her life is sad because she is, if nothing else, a pet friendly celebrity. Fox has rescued a number of cats, dogs, birds, and other animals from animal rescue shelters.

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