Charitable Celebrities: Prince William and Kate Middleton humanitarians

Cheers to passing the six month wedding anniversary milestone, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Keep up the good work. Londoners are proud of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So far, the rest of the world seems to be as well as the dynamic duo have emerged as two of the worlds most influential and charitable celebrities.

Happy Anniversary Prince William and Kate MiddletonIt’s hard to believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their six month anniversary Saturday, October 29, 2011. It seems like only yesterday that the world was glued to the BBC television network to watch the wedding of the century. And so far all is well. Of course, all their fans around the world are abuzz this Halloween week about what the royal couple may have planned for their next six months of marriage.

Will they taking long walks and nature hikes together to promote health and fitness? Perhaps something more regal that keeps them trim like rowing or horseback riding? Or will the two plan to dance their night aways at London nightclubs and swank gala halls that host charity benefit events?

They’ve certainly stayed busy as a celebrity couple since their marriage April 29, 2011. Following the royal nuptials, the royal couple embarked on what became a less than secretive honeymoon to the Seychelles, though they maintained a low-key 10 days just to themselves. They then met with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama before formally settling into their new digs at home. But within just a few months, with London in turmoil following the riots there, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Birmingham to survey the damage and visit with the victims of families affected.

And the royal couple has remained busy since, much of it demonstrating their charity work and love for the people. By far, this royal wedding has been a people’s wedding from the outset. E! Online reports that by September 29, the Duke and Duchess were making rounds at the Oak Center for Children and Young People at the Royal Marsden Hospital, a cancer center for children, where Prince William is a patron.

While there, Kate Middleton met several hospital patients and later sent a personal note to one of the leukemia patients she met there. And by October 5, she gave her first royal patronage to the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, founded in 2009 so the princes could embark on their own charitable interests.

Just a little over a week later found the couple at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala, celebrating female entrepreneurs. They arrived as the guests of honor and the event raised $1 million in just one evening.

Then as of October 26, they have announced that they’ll be going to Copenhagen to meet with UNICEF and the Danish royals to show their support for the work being done to assist the destitute in East Africa.

And she managed to host a charity benefit event herself on October 27th when Prince Charles was unable to attend at the last-minute. Word is from palace insiders that she performed elegantly and made the family proud.

As all this isn’t enough for the new royal couple, they have managed to set a precedent in British law, as reported in the New York Times. They stirred some waters but made history in seeing to it that the British government agreed unanimously to change the laws of succession, which allows the royal couple’s firstborn — male or female — to assume the throne.

During her short time as an officially recognized family member, Kate has managed not only to insert herself into the royal family with class and style, but she’s managed to demonstrate her charity to those less fortunate and to send a resounding message of support for women’s rights. Her husband William, son of charitable philanthropists Princess Diana and Prince Charles, has stood proudly by her side as well.

Busy bees this couple has been (indeed) promoting themselves and acting as goodwill ambassadors for their country by living the lifestyle of charitable celebrities.