Humanitarian Taylor Swift sues celebrity gossip site over topless photos

Grammy winner and country music diva Taylor Swift is threatening to sue a website for posting what is allegedly a picture of the green celebrity topless. The star celeb contends the picture is NOT one of her, and TMZ has reported that the website in question, Celeb Jihad, is considering its options. So far, in spite of a letter from Swift’s lawyers, the site has not taken down the troubling picture.

Taylor Swift Pop music singer Taylor Swift is a humanitarian and green celebrity of the highest caliber. A sweetheart to the core, she supports over a dozen charities, including but not limited to UNICEF, Clothes Off Our Back, Children in Need, the Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity. And of course she continues to speak out about the very real need for protecting children from online predators. It’s pretty obvious from hearing about these rumors alone that there’s a need for someone in Hollywood to openly speak out about how easy it is for sexual predators and scary people with photoshop skills to hurt people using the web if and when they put their mind to it.

The “supposedly” authentic but leaked photo of Taylor Swift are scandalous, given the star’s image as a largely wholesome country singer and all around sweetheart. [She just recently bought a giant home in Tennessee for her parents.] Nevertheless, most fans are saying the girl in the photo is obviously not Taylor Swift. That hasn’t stopped Celeb Jihad from claiming otherwise, citing dubious evidence.

From Celeb Jihad:

But don’t take my word for it, examine the picture thoroughly for yourself and draw your own conclusions no matter how wrong they are.

Draw your own conclusions no matter how wrong they are, they say. Really? If that isn’t a blatant admission that the photo of the partially covered girl, however real, isn’t actually a photo of the golden-blonde country music star, it’s hard to guess what is.

Rather typically, where there is star celeb status, rumor mills follow. But Swift, who at just 21 years old, is already a noted green celebrity (thanks to her eco-friendly cosmetics and green beauty products line endorsement). She’s also a famous humanitarian (because she has been doing charity work). Accordingly, she has never truly been involved in any celebrity scandal — even keeping her reputation squeaky clean when she broke up with young Twilight star Taylor Lautner and subsequently older Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal.

Many fans and media journalists think the young lady deserves more respect than that website’s adult-theme trash talk. This celeb gossip website is hosted by a group of them.

Although her people haven’t made any public comments about the photo or their attempts to have it removed, Taylor Swift is prepared to battle it out in court, claiming trademark infringement.

The photo seems to have surfaced back in August, according to a YouTube video posted by a user there, though there was no uproar about it until now. It’s hard to believe that anyone would believe, much less suggest, that the star celeb who launched her own campaign to protect children from online predators would be caught up in something like this calculated scheme to make a mean-spirited website famous.