Halloween Tweets: Jessica Simpson confirms she is going to be a mummy?

The Price of Beauty star has been gaining weight for a reason… the lovely blonde movie star, pop music singer, and fashion designer Jessica Simpson used a fun Halloween costume photo to officially confirm that she is pregnant.

On the very same day reality television star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from husband-of-72-days Kris Humphries, pop music singer and actress Jessica Simpson has tweeted the news she’s going to be a mummy! That’s some scary news for sure — that Kim K is once again going to be single… but Happy Halloween news for Jessica Simpson and fiancĂ© Eric Johnson that the celebrity couple is expecting their first baby!

Simpson, who is notoriously pet friendly and has modeled without make-up to promote natural beauty, is one of the sweetest green celebrities. We are 100% sure that when it comes time to play mommy in real life that she will elect to use as many all-natural, organic products she can find while raising her baby.

Read more about green celebrity Jessica Simpson here (she’s an advocate for natural beauty who participated in the Price of Beauty television series documentaries) —

Here’s the photo she tweeted of herself dressed up like an Egyptian mummy for Halloween… baby bump and story developing.

jessica simpson pregnant mummy costume