Selena Gomez private New Years Eve getaway with the Biebs low key in NYC

2011 was a big year for pop music singers Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez. The two teen scene celebrities solidified their image as a famous Hollywood celebrity couple without acting tacky/ After several very public vacations to placed like Hawaii and Mexico where the paparazzi went wild snapping pics of the two lovebirds kissing and lounging around in their bathing suits while the Biebs snapped pictures of Selena Gomez in her bikini, there won’t like be any racy photos of the star celebs. They are planning their NYC New Years Eve getaway to be private — and will not be appearing on the same stage even for the festivities.

Justin Bieber and Selena GomezDisney princess Selena Gomez WILL be in New York City this New Year’s Eve with Justin Bieber! But the love birds won’t be sharing the same stage or hotel rooms to prep and primp before the festivities. [And the crowd says, Awwwww, darn.] While Selena Gomez is set to perform for MTV‘s annual New Year’s Eve Special in Times Square, co-hosted by bestie Demi Lovato and actor and musician Tyler Posey, the Biebs will be performing with Lady Gaga for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve broadcast on ABC and hosted by Ryan Seacrest, also in Times Square.

Although, according to an ABC report (video), Justin Bieber will have a big song surprise for everyone. [We hear rumors he might even be singing something retro classic rock like a tune from The Beatles.] It would be really epic if he and Selena could somehow appear together, since they’ll be so close to one another, however unlikely. Selena Gomez has been pretty quiet about her upcoming appearance, so no one really knows if the couple will be spotted together on New Year’s Eve. But c’mon. It’s New York! Even if he does have a room at the Four Seasons five-star resort and she opts to stay at another hotel nearby, it is not that far of a walk or by rickshaw back and forth between!

But we can’t really blame Selena for staying quiet about the pair’s vacation plans while in NYC. The star celeb singer was really looking forward to the birth of a baby sister, Scarlett, announcing last month that she was going to be a big sister. Unfortunately, her mom, Mandy, suffered a miscarriage just days before Christmas, prompting Selena to cancel upcoming concerts at the time, according to CBS. The entire incident has made Selena a bit gun-shy about talking about private events in public before they happen. After all, with anything special happening that is close to your heart, telling the good news after — rather than before — ensures no star celeb suffers any public embarrassment.

Besides, Gomez and Bieber might need a little healing time where they can be more quiet and act like a supportive boyfriend to her after she went thought such a big emotional loss with her fam. It’s heartbreaking news for a green celebrity like Selena, who used her first paycheck from her role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place to help her parents pay the rent, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The family had to move from Texas to Los Angeles, and Selena felt obligated to be the provider temporarily while everyone got settled. And then to lose her little sister so soon. She’s really a trooper, and if she needs some down time out of the spotlight, she deserves it.

But, hey, this shouldn’t be so much news regarding the green celebrity who, at just 19, became UNICEF‘s youngest Goodwill Ambassador ever. This humanitarian celeb knows no bounds, having visited the Congo personally with the ENOUGH Project. It wasn’t enough to know about the violence and poverty in the region. She needed to see it firsthand.

So even if we don’t get to see Selena and Justin together on New Year’s Eve very much at all (if any), we know she’s doing her very best to make it a special night for everyone. Let’s just be grateful that the green celebrity couple will be available to fans and friends to help ring in 2012. We just know it’s going to be an awesome time in NYC and a great new year for both of them. The cute couple are expected to meet and party after the ball drops — and their families have booked hotel rooms at different spots to keep each press camp representing the teen scene love affair respectfully.

On a happier note, the Biebs has a special surprise planned for fans — one they are sure to like even if they don’t know the full celeb gossip details and rumor mills reports about what 5 star hotel luxury treats he has planned for her). When the ball drops over the Big Apple and everyone is done blowing their party horns, screaming, and throwing confetti for New Years Eve, he and celebrity friend Jaden Smith plan to debut their new song duet to the lucky listeners who stayed up late enough to enjoy the festivities.

As for Justin Beiber’s message to the world for New Years Day? It really ought to be a simple one — like “#BELIEVE”.